Rank 6 in Windy

Smz and I have once again defeated the Shadow Lord and have regained rank 6.  We might do rank 7 in Windurst before switching to Sandy to start the whole thing over again.  Let’s hope Sandy’s story is a little more interesting.

On an odd note, the cut scene glitch happened again and once again I was unable to see the 5-2 CS in which the Shadow Lord is resurrected.  Once again while Smz was seeing the cool movie I was staring at the giant NM, who was staring back at me.  Only this time I decided to start killing him.  I have no idea why the game absolutely refuses to show me that CS.  Every other mission CS works (including the CS after you kill him).  It’s just the one I actually WANT to see that keeps messing up.  ><

I am not hopeful that Sandy’s will work when both Bastok and Windy have failed.  Ugh.



5-1 & 5-2 ..Finished

I know that for almost everyone out there in FFXI beating the nation  5-1 and 5-2 missions is not really all that particularly special.  But for me, and two of my friends, it’s something that we’ve been trying to accomplish for, well, two years now.   And I’m finally happy to say that we have done it.  The shadow lord was beaten and we can finally do RotZ missions.

The whole story behind the jump.