Aht Urhgan Missions 12, 13 and 14 Done!

Guess who decided to resub for July! This guy! Woo. It feels weird rejoining after nearly three months of not touching the game. But I saw the live Vanafest 2012 show and it just made me feel nostalgic and really hyped for the future of FFXI. So…I caved in and decided to rejoin. Woo!

This month, since I doubt I’ll have too much time to actually play, I plan on working mostly on ToAU and Zilart missions and maybe grinding my Great Sword skill up (for the new Rune Fencer job whenever the new expansion finally gets released).

Today I finished the headstone pilgrimage mission I had started before I quit and decided to do a few of the ToAU missions.

Not a bad start I guess.