According to the FFXI wiki about Iku-Turso.. Easy solo as SAM/DNC. Just build steps to stun spells, & heal through maelstrom. Atmas were stout arm / vv / apoc. Started off with Sekkanoki + Konzen (300tp) and did shoha to kasha for light (don’t have fudo for double light) taking him down to half right off the bat the majority of the time (if not more). He’s simple as long as you stun his spells that usually follow after maelstrom.

I decided to test that today..



Special Thanks to My LS

This is just a quick post to say thank you for the EightBit LS for helping me with getting my AF3+1 pant seals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever actually finish that trial/get the armor. Also thanks to another group that was also camping that crazy seal NM who didn’t mind helping each other out. That was pretty cool.

It’s also worth saying thanks to them for helping me finish the first Abyssea boss I’ve ever done (in La Theine). It’s nice to be able to finally equip two atmas. Here’s hoping that the fun ride won’t end anytime soon and we’ll continue to kill bosses and gather up some nice equip/seals/atmas.

Capped! Wait, what?

Smz and I finally got into another Abyssea party (well, his first). I have to admit, at first it went really slow but by the end of it, it was even more amazing than the first party. Like last time, everyone was really nice. Unlike last time, there was very little swapping out of members (so we didn’t constantly have newbies we had to worry about getting kill shots), and while xp started painfully slow (30 xp/kill) it was over 600 xp/kill by the end.

Speaking of xp.. in four hours I received 343,998 xp total. I went from 9,000 xp away from level 88 and 2k away from a 3rd merit point to literally capped everything to the point where I could no long receive xp/limit points in FOUR HOURS.


Some of you out there who live in Abyssea are probably shrugging going “yeah, so what?” But for me, this is amazing. I mean, I had grinded two levels via Bastion and was becoming more and more frustrated with it (and in turn, the game itself). Last night kind of re-vitalized the game for me and got me excited again. So kudos to such an awesome party I had.

Also, it was pretty neat to see blue on everything. I never thought I’d ever see 20 merits and max limit points too.

Until next time!


So my LS mates convinced me to buy the second Abyssea expansion. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted it or not but I figured if it was anywhere near as much fun as the first one (with getting so much xp) then it’d be worth it. Plus, what the heck? New areas to explore and a whole new event to try out: Bastion.


Holy EXP Batman!

Holy mother of all that is sacred in Vana’diel!

I went into Abyssea for the first time last night.  I had bought the expansion sometime last month but just never found time to actually do anything more than go in and turn in stones to build up my time.  Boy am I surprised!