Doomed Pilgrims

Smz and I have been working on the Zilart missions.  If you can’t guess by the title of this post, we’re currently on Headstone Pilgrimage.  Well, technically he’s on the one right after this one.  I kind of fell behind.  Because of that I decided to go ahead and try to get it done solo.



Asuran Fists Get

Wooooo! We’ve been busy.

While doing weaponskills to unlock the weaponskill weapon we ran into an NM in the tree:

Attached Image: img_20120327_223948.JPG

And murdered it easily.

Attached Image: img_20120327_224110.JPG

Next we made our way down to a skeleton NM to finish up the trial:

Attached Image: img_20120327_233839.JPG

And showed it who was boss:

Attached Image: img_20120327_233924.JPG

Now I have Asuran Fists!

Attached Image: img_20120327_234241.JPG