According to the FFXI wiki about Iku-Turso.. Easy solo as SAM/DNC. Just build steps to stun spells, & heal through maelstrom. Atmas were stout arm / vv / apoc. Started off with Sekkanoki + Konzen (300tp) and did shoha to kasha for light (don’t have fudo for double light) taking him down to half right off the bat the majority of the time (if not more). He’s simple as long as you stun his spells that usually follow after maelstrom.

I decided to test that today..



Doomed Pilgrims

Smz and I have been working on the Zilart missions.  If you can’t guess by the title of this post, we’re currently on Headstone Pilgrimage.  Well, technically he’s on the one right after this one.  I kind of fell behind.  Because of that I decided to go ahead and try to get it done solo.


Asuran Fists Get

Wooooo! We’ve been busy.

While doing weaponskills to unlock the weaponskill weapon we ran into an NM in the tree:

Attached Image: img_20120327_223948.JPG

And murdered it easily.

Attached Image: img_20120327_224110.JPG

Next we made our way down to a skeleton NM to finish up the trial:

Attached Image: img_20120327_233839.JPG

And showed it who was boss:

Attached Image: img_20120327_233924.JPG

Now I have Asuran Fists!

Attached Image: img_20120327_234241.JPG


Some Drops

Smz and I had a pretty lucky night last night.

Both of us have been wanting to get a Joyeuse for our jobs that can use them, however we haven’t had any luck camping the NM til last night.

We managed to get it to pop and had a crazy but relatively easy fight. So Smz is now the proud owner of a Joyeuse. 🙂

After that we went skilling up in the tree. However, our labors weren’t quite as fruitful there so we moved to Zeruhn Mines to skillup and attempt to get the ring that drops there. Well, we got the ring to drop! WOOOHOO! Hopefully the ring’s effect is not just a placebo effect.

In less exciting news, my level 97 RDM’s enhancing is completely capped. If I had to guess how long it took to cap enhancing I’d say it took over 48 hours straight of casting barspells/refresh/protect/etc (a little bit here, a little bit there, etc). That seems utterly ridiculous to me, but it’s par for the course when it comes to SE.

And I must really hate myself as I’ve started another Magian Trial (this time for the WAR’s str G.axe). Anyone who knows me at all knows that I can’t stand the Magian Trials. I just find them all so boring. At least the G.axe’s trials aren’t quite as annoying as the G.katana’s WS trials. So that’s something I guess. 😛

Anyway.. that’s all for now.

Duoing Pallid Percy

Hmm.. so today we decided to try and duo Pallid Percy for the RDM and SAM head seals that it drops..

It was a pretty rough fight but we managed to tough it out and won.  That’s probably the most fun I’ve had in FFXI in a while (at least the most heart pumping).   So after Smz won the first (and only) SAM seal we still had one more pop item left.  Figuring we’ve got this in the bag, we tried again.

It raped us!

I’ve never seen us wipe so fast to anything before in my life.  It was like night and day between the first and second pop.  I still don’t know what really happened and why we were destroyed so fast.

We raised and healed to full.  Since the NM is near the worms that drop its pop item we decided to try and farm one more pop item to try one last time for the day.  Ten min later we popped the NM again.  Lost again.  It was easier than the second time, but harder than the first.

If we hadn’t won the first time I’d say it was impossible for us to duo (despite what people say on the wiki).  Yet, we won the first time so I know it’s possible.  I guess it really comes down to pure luck (of which I have little).

I’m really curious to see if I can figure out some new gear combination or food combinations that would help us win this thing more than 1/3.  I’d really like to finish my SAM AF3+1 head (and I know Smz would like to too).

Guess we’ll keep trying.


Special Thanks to My LS

This is just a quick post to say thank you for the EightBit LS for helping me with getting my AF3+1 pant seals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever actually finish that trial/get the armor. Also thanks to another group that was also camping that crazy seal NM who didn’t mind helping each other out. That was pretty cool.

It’s also worth saying thanks to them for helping me finish the first Abyssea boss I’ve ever done (in La Theine). It’s nice to be able to finally equip two atmas. Here’s hoping that the fun ride won’t end anytime soon and we’ll continue to kill bosses and gather up some nice equip/seals/atmas.

Attention NM Alliance Leaders

Tonight I wasn’t really planning on playing any FFXI. I’ve been spending so much time in the game that other areas of my life are starting to be affected. But, alas, this game is like herion and I’m a horrible addict.


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