5-1 & 5-2 ..Finished

I know that for almost everyone out there in FFXI beating the nation  5-1 and 5-2 missions is not really all that particularly special.  But for me, and two of my friends, it’s something that we’ve been trying to accomplish for, well, two years now.   And I’m finally happy to say that we have done it.  The shadow lord was beaten and we can finally do RotZ missions.

The whole story behind the jump.

We started the nation missions in a static group.  Then, for whatever reason, a few members decided to just zoom ahead and leave the rest of us in the dust.  When we asked for help from said members, it was always “I’m too busy now” (doing things like dynamis).  We tried to get some random pickup people to help us out, and it worked for one of the missions (the magicite mission I believe it was) but when it came to 5-1, the one we were stuck on for two years, no one seemed interested.  Members of the LS always said they’d help if they weren’t busy, but it seemed that they were always busy with something.  In other words, we were stuck.

I really didn’t have much confidence in my ability to solo 5-1, even though I had heard reports of it being possible.  And to be honest, I didn’t really expect to be able to duo it with Smz either (as we were accustomed to doing on pretty much everything).  But tonight I had enough.  I was sitting around, not really sure what to do in-game (already achieved level 80 on the only job I care to continue playing that high, obviously didn’t have dynamis access, or sky, slightly bored with campaign at this point) and I said, okay screw it.  Let’s just TRY to see if it’s possible to duo 5-1.  At least then we’d be doing something.

As we were getting ready to do so, our good friend Rookz was online and I asked him if he’d be interested in finally moving the story along in FFXI.  He said yes and our doomed duo turned into a hopeful trio.  And believe it or not, we were able to do it.  It was rough, there’s no getting around that.  Our jobs: BLU/RDM (me), SAM/WAR (Smz) and PLD/WAR (Rookz).

I had two sleep spells set, as I had read about how many skeletons could pop out and wanted to have two methods of putting them to sleep.  Beyond that, the battle plan was basically kill the archlich as fast as we could while keeping the minions asleep.  In reality it didn’t work out so good.  Sheep’s Song worked fantastic but Soporific was utterly useless and (aside from the archlich himself) was resisted by everything.  The end result was probably the closest battle we’ve ever had.  But we were victorious.

5-2 was pathetically easy.  Even before the level increase I knew that at 75 he’d be a cakewalk.  And it really was.  The only problem was that the first cutscene when we actually started the fight never loaded for me.  So while Smz and Rookz were seeing the story, I was staring at the giant Shadow Lord who was standing around waiting for someone to get close to aggro him.  I still have no idea what happened and why the cutscene never loaded for me, but it made me kind of mad.  Thankfully someone uploaded it on Youtube so I was able to see what I had missed, but still.

So anyway, this was a bit of a long post about nothing that no one cares about except perhaps myself.  I’m just so very glad to be finally past that mission so that I can start RotZ and possibly get into sky sometime in my lifetime.

Until next time!


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