Rank 6 in Windy

Smz and I have once again defeated the Shadow Lord and have regained rank 6.  We might do rank 7 in Windurst before switching to Sandy to start the whole thing over again.  Let’s hope Sandy’s story is a little more interesting.

On an odd note, the cut scene glitch happened again and once again I was unable to see the 5-2 CS in which the Shadow Lord is resurrected.  Once again while Smz was seeing the cool movie I was staring at the giant NM, who was staring back at me.  Only this time I decided to start killing him.  I have no idea why the game absolutely refuses to show me that CS.  Every other mission CS works (including the CS after you kill him).  It’s just the one I actually WANT to see that keeps messing up.  ><

I am not hopeful that Sandy’s will work when both Bastok and Windy have failed.  Ugh.



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