December Update Is Almost Upon Us

The December version update is almost here. As before it seems SE is splitting the update up into two parts. The first part tonight will begin downloading animations and armor models (most likely) but won’t bring in any details of anything like quests, missions, genkai, etc.

So with that in mind, I won’t even begin to speculate what the genkai will be or anything else. People will dat mine it when the second part comes. And everything else will be released with the official patch notes.

All I’ll really say is that I hope Bastion will be updated so that either people will become interested in doing it or that fewer people can do it and still win. The easiest solution to do this is to just make it so we can accumulate resistance ops credits like we do with campaign ops. 7 Ward Wardens back to back would beef that martello up enough to make it so we can actually win even if there’s only one or two people doing Bastion.

Other than that.. yeah. I’ll make another entry in the future after the second part of the update.


Infobar Database Version 1.4

Sorry about the long wait in between versions. I promise that the wait will be worth it though. This is probably going to be the last version for quite some time provided no one comments or emails me to let me know of a problem/serious fix that needs to be done. It’s a doozy of an update though so please download it and continue on to see what’s new.

Original Infobar Download
Database Update version 1.4 (November 3, 2010)

Version 1.4 – November 3, 2010
Pretty much every monster in the game should be in this update except for perhaps some of the BCNM/ENMs. I can’t promise that every single monster works and is 100% accurate (you guys will have to test it over time and let me know if there’s anything that isn’t right) but it should be close. I ended up removing the levels for Abyssea mobs that weren’t listed in the wiki. I’ll re-add the levels in the future when they’re more definitive.