Da Grind

These past few days have been rather busy.

Last Wed I back to the Adoulin zones and obtained “Watercraft”, “Watercrafting”, “Climbing” and Restrainment Resilence. After that I went and got the raptor mount quest done.  Almost did it in the first try but was literally approaching the 5th food when it kicked me off and I had to restart.  Got it on the second try though.  Thanks to spending the login points I now have a raptor and a crab.  Woo.

Then went and got ranger to 65 before getting bored with grinding and deciding to work on the AF armor (mainly because right now I don’t really have any gear for that job so I’m horribly undergeared).  Have to start with the weapon quest, of course, and that is probably the most annoying weapon quest in the game.  Needed to go to Ranguemont Pass and farm Glittering Sand from Evil Weapons.  Problem is.. there’s only 3 Evil Weapons in the entire zone and the drop rate is something like 19% with a 15 minute respawn time.  GG SE, GG.   I finally got it on the 7th enemy but didn’t have time to go finish the quest.

The following day I tried the hard Ifrit Prime mode to try and farm Rem’s pages and got utterly murdered.  I barely stayed in the yellow HP and by 50% of Ifrit’s life I was done.  My trusts were spent and there was nothing I could do about it.  So that showed me just how ill-prepared I am for the newer content.    Smz and I latered duoed it and won but it wasn’t a fast win by any means.

I was trying to figure out a way to solo it and I think I would need an ilevel 119 weapon but in order to use that I would need the su1 job point gift (which I’m nowhere near lol) or would need to do Skirmish (which I can’t see myself soloing) to get a non-Su1 119 weapon.  Also would probably need to have at least two WHM trusts going (or maybe a RDM and WHM) and try to be the DD myself.   But by the time I can finally get around to doing it, we probably would have already duoed it and been done with it lol. Another option would be to try the Ouryu battlefield but for that I would need an ilevel bow and maxed archery (which I’m nowhere near) so that I could hit him while he’s in the air.  So.. yeah.. lol.

We also ran Nyzul for two or three hours straight trying to get a Windslicer for me so that I can start working on the WS unlock.  Unfortunately the game kept trolling and gave us multiple lamp floors nearly every run (which eats up a ton of time as almost all of them were having to hit the lamps in a certain order and there was always 4 lamps).  On the few runs where we didn’t have lamps there were very few NMs  or the NMs dropped the wrong weapons.  That’s my kind of RNG luck though.

Yesterday I leveled BLU for the lulz.  got it from 58 to 77 and capped Assimilation merit skill that gives more blue points (so now I have +5).  I’m way behind on spells though.  I mean, I was behind to begin with and now I’m like 30 levels behind on spells.  GG.  I don’t even know which ones are important enough to bother trying to learn.  Regardless, I’m not going to attempt that until I get the BLU AF hands piece since that gives enhanced learning.  But in order to do that, I need to do the quest Transformations.

Today I did a lot more grinding.

First, I realized I had enough copper vouchers and sparks to finish up the pages to get my Waikdo Haidate+1.  Then I had enough to get the pages for the Wakido Kote.  Completely sparkless and voucherless, I then decided to run Nyzul three more times and got to floor 21.  No Windslicer though, of course.  Having become annoyed at that I grinded over 200 merits and finished the BLU meriting (blue magic skill is capped and all the main BLU merits are done).  In that process I also obtained 8 more job points.  50 job points still seems like a long ways away… X_x  [currently at 26 spent]

Merits were coming so fast that I couldn’t even spend them fast enough.  At one point I was capped and just let it stay capped while I farmed capacity points.  It would have been more of an inconvenience to warp home, spend them, warp back and get all the trusts out/get going again.

But GG SE.  They basically made merits pointless at this point lol.

And for whatever this counts as, I can now store 47 merit points at a time which is even crazier.

Oh and I also had 51,998 unity accolades (which I spent 45k on keys though didn’t get anything good from the gobbie chest) and I’m back up to 38k sparks (after spending them all).

So. Much. Grinding.

I’m actually looking forward to having a week or two off when this free period ends before I resub just to rest my hands to play something else that isn’t as grindy as this. :XD:


Another Free Period!

Oh cool, it’s another free period for players.  Maybe I can do some more RoV.  I did beat the second chapter and really enjoyed the story up until this point.  Let’s see what chapter 3 brings.



Huh. Okay. So she’s hiding out in there and I need to kill three four-armed monsters.  Got it.  No problem!


Uhhhh.. Housten, we have a problem!

img_20160516_135026Mayday! Mayday!



…oh.   So that’s what RoV chapter 3 is going to be like.  Welp!  Guess I’m not finishing that ever!