CoP is Pretty Fun!

Woah. Okay, so chances are I probably won’t write the big update I was planning for last time. Sorry. I’ve been pretty busy, as usual. In fact, I ended up taking a few months off of FFXI due to it. But I’m back now and boy what a surprise.

SE released the latest patch and bye-bye level caps on CoP! This means, after two years of trying, I can finally do the missions! My buddy Smz helped me out every step of the way. Every mission thus far has been pretty easy, except for the fight with Ouryu. For some reason the wiki has it listed as being pathetically easy but I guess we were just unprepared or something because we almost wiped.

But other than that, it’s been pretty easy.

In other news, now that we have access to it, we both managed to get our Soboros. But man it took a while. Wiki says it’s a 50% drop rate but I went 1/7 on it and I think he went 1/4 or 5. That combined with the fact it’s a 15 minute respawn and there’s almost always a line in that place now made it very annoying.

Of course the question I’m asking myself now is: was it worth it? I was using a hagun previously and will probalby hang onto it for NM fights but after using the soboro to go skill up in the tree for two hours (and getting an insane amount of skillups in such a short period of time) I can say yes, yes it is worth it; if for nothing else than for skilling up and campaign.

Other than that…I’ve realized that Carbuncle is the Ma-Ti of the Vana’diel world.

Diablos… ruler of DREAMS
Bahamut.. king of the SKY
Fenrir.. guardian of the MOON

What does Carbuncle get? ra-in-bo-ws! d’awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

And with that note, I’m out.