Assault & Campaign Ops

Campaign Ops

Category Operation Complete?
Resource procurement Stock and Awe I No
Stock and Awe II No
Stock and Awe III No
Stock and Awe IV No
Materiel Storm I No
Materiel Storm II No
Materiel Storm III No
Materiel Storm IV No
Search and Seizure I No
Supply transport Vanguard-X I Yes
Vanguard-X II No
Vanguard-X III No
Crimson Domino I No
Crimson Domino II No
Crimson Domino III No
Bridge Too Far I No
Security Streetsweeper I No
Streetsweeper II No
Streetsweeper III No
Delta Strike I No
Delta Strike II No
Delta Strike III No
Steel Resolve I No
Steel Resolve II No
Steel Resolve III No
Magna Cache I No
Magna Cache II No
Magna Cache III No
Supply manufacture Crystal Fist I Yes
Crystal Fist II Yes
Crystal Fist III No
Crystal Fist IV No
Iron Anvil I No
Iron Anvil II No
Iron Anvil III No
Iron Anvil IV No
Offensive operations Smokescreen I Yes
Smokescreen II No
Smokescreen III No
Smokescreen IV No
Cracking Shells (B)
Splitting Heirs (S)
Plucking Wings (W)
Pit Spider I No
Pit Spider II No
Pit Spider III No
By Light of Fire I No
Defensive operations Aegis Scream I No
Aegis Scream II No
Aegis Scream III No
Aegis Scream IV No
Granite Rose I No
Granite Rose II No
Granite Rose III No
Intel gathering Hawk Eye I No
Hawk Eye II No
Hawk Eye III No
Slaughterhouse I No
Slaughterhouse II No
Slaughterhouse III No
Prying Eyes I No
Deep Cover I No
Deep Cover II No
Deep Cover III No
Military training Brave Dawn I No
Brave Dawn II No
Brave Dawn III No
Cut and Cauterize I No
Cut and Cauterize II No
Cut and Cauterize III No

Assault Missions
To be added later.


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