Stubborn Dredvodd

I’ve been receiving emails asking me for information on this elusive and annoying NM. Well, I think it’s time I write up a page here so everyone can know what I’ve learned over a few months of camping it.

This is Stubborn Dredvodd:

He has three drops:

Of these only one is 100%: the tathlum belt.

He spawns on the barge ride from South Landing to North Landing in Carpenter’s Landing (which is connected to Jugner Forest). The correct boat arrives at the South Landing side at 9:35 Vana’diel time. It then departs at 10:10. It arrives at the north landing at 16:00 but chances are if you’re camping Stubborn Dredvodd you’ll be warping off long before you get there.

With that said, here’s the summary of information I gathered while camping this thing for months.

Stubborn Dredvodd is a timed spawn. There is no correlation between anything else in Carpenter’s Landing or any monster on the boat and Stubby. There is no placeholder, so to speak. There is no correlation between conquest tally or who owns Jugner or anything like that. Plain and simple this time. It really is a timed respawn. How much time? The time it takes for the NM to respawn is roughly 125 to 130 hours, or just figure it as every 5 days after death. This has been, as I said, tested more than once and by more than one person. Maintenance will reset his timer completely, as if he was just killed.

There are two sides to the boat, so which side will he spawn on? Well, the side Stubborn Dredvodd will spawn on in the boat zone depends on where it spawned the previous time. It has been my experience that it will spawn on the opposite side. So, say for example, he spawns on the boarding side the first time. The next time, after the 5 days pass, he will spawn on the empty square side; and vice versa the next time. Now this is not 100% confirmed, as I started to notice this pattern only a few times before I got the ring, but according to other testimonies it’s pretty accurate.

If you’re riding the boat alone and you’re unsure of which side he will spawn on, just run back and forth between them. Unlike some earlier theories, you don’t have to be resting or standing on the side he will spawn on the entire ride to make him appear. Simply being near that side when the spawn window is open (usually after 10:31 to 15:31 game time) will make him jump onto the boat when the time comes (usually it will be pretty early in the boat ride if you’re on the correct side).

Now if you’ve read the wiki or have talked to enough people you will hear about a “shadow glitch” on the boat. Basically, if Stubborn Dredvodd is going to spawn on that right you can catch a shadow appearing behind your character as the boat loads. The shadow will flash for a second and then disappear. This is TRUE but don’t rely solely on it. It’s really easy to miss and sometimes it seems like the glitch never occurs even when his window is open and he’ll spawn on that ride. Also, you can only see the shadow on one side of the boat (the boarding side) when obviously he can spawn in two places.

The hardest part about this NM is getting him to spawn the very first time. From there it’s just a matter of either calculating 125 hours from the time he’s killed or just rounding it out to about 5 days and then ride the boat a few times and hope someone else doesn’t kill him before you can do so again.

Good luck to everyone still camping this guy for his ring and boots. May this information help you all out. I suffered much insanity trying to figure it out. 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. D-Hole
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 19:26:38

    Thanks for the write-up on this guy, perchance I shall camp – Carect had been on my list a long time. ^_^


  2. iyouboushi
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 21:47:23

    Good luck. 🙂


  3. Turnerbrown
    May 31, 2013 @ 06:23:54

    Congratulations on figuring that guy out! I had to chuckle a bit, re-reading the thread on Alla, especially to see that at one point I’d taken note of another player getting his second crack at SD 5 days later. I was so close!! 😛


  4. Robotron2084
    May 09, 2017 @ 05:32:49

    Thank you. I will give this a try on the Nasomi server.


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