Infobar and the March 27, 2013 Update

This is just a quick note to say that the Infobar plugin dll has been broken via the 3/27/13 update.  I’m posting this as a reminder that I have absolutely no control over the actual program itself (the dll side of it).  I usually get a number of people commenting and emailing me about it so I thought I’d try to circumvent that here.  You’ll have to go talk to the people over on the Windower forum to have it fixed.

I also don’t have SoA yet so please don’t expect any major database updates either.  I’ll get around to it soon though, with luck.



Wow, the guys on Windower work fast.  Click here and go download the updated DLL.



According to the FFXI wiki about Iku-Turso.. Easy solo as SAM/DNC. Just build steps to stun spells, & heal through maelstrom. Atmas were stout arm / vv / apoc. Started off with Sekkanoki + Konzen (300tp) and did shoha to kasha for light (don’t have fudo for double light) taking him down to half right off the bat the majority of the time (if not more). He’s simple as long as you stun his spells that usually follow after maelstrom.

I decided to test that today..


Jelly Ring Get

I know it’s 2013 so soloing these types of NMs probably isn’t that impressive any more, but it still amazes me just what I can do with SAM.  I never thought in a million years that I’d ever see a Jelly Ring, muchless that I’d get it solo one morning.  Awesome!



2012 Gallery Up

I’ve been collecting the new warp points around Vana’diel to make it easier to get around.  Some of the warp points are in annoying places (*cough* top of the worst zone in the history of video games *cough*) and others are just like “why bother?” because they’re so close to other warp points (the marshlands, for example).  Oh well.  It’s still nice having something to do for once that doesn’t involve killing beasts for my keitonotachi (which I still need to work on X_X I hate that trial so much).

While doing all that, I’m helping get Tiranadel up to level 60, farming RDM testimonies, killing NMs like a boss, and otherwise actually having fun with the game. Fun? In FFXI? Lies and scandal!

And I noticed that I had forgotten to upload the 2012 FFXI pictures I took to the album site.  There’s 231 pictures this time around (which is really not that many, most years have over 400).   Come check them out by clicking here!  (note that Photobucket really sucks now and is uploading them in reverse order.  No matter how many times I try or which ways I try to do it, it keeps uploading them in reverse order. :suicide:)

I should repeat that you probably won’t find any “ground breaking” photos in my albums.  Some of them are just silly pics I took of things that are so common that I don’t know why I even hit the button.  Still, I love to take tons of pictures and look through them on occasion just to remember some of the stuff I’ve done.

A Few Updates

This is going to be a quick post just to say that for the month of March I’ve returned to the game.   I’m also making this post because Infobar has been updated to work with the 12/18/2012 patch that SE did, just in case you weren’t aware.  The version on the Windower site comes with my version 1.8 database update.

Speaking of the database update, while running around trying to collect the various geomagnetic points for the new teleport warps, I noticed I had missed 3 monsters.  It seems silly to reupload it just for that, but in case you want the missing monsters: version 1.8b has been released.  As always, I can’t promise that the database has everything.  But as I continue to run around Vana’diel, I’ll keep my eyes out for anything that I’ve missed and try to add it when I can.

Finally, I’ve already been asked if I was going to continue updating the database for the new SoA monsters that will inevitably come.  The short answer is: maybe.  The longer answer generally revolves around whether or not that the two Wikis are updated, as I pull all my info from there (except for a few monsters that had no info and I had to make an educated guess).  The good news is that I don’t need an active subscription to FFXI to update the database, so even if I stop playing I’ll continue to try and keep it up to date.

And that’s it for now!