CoP Finished!

Smz and I have finished Chains of Promathia after all these years!  Forgive me for basically becoming a broken record but I never thought I’d ever see the day that I’d actually finish CoP.

The last time we really touched it was in 2011, when we obtained Sea access.  It’s absolutely amazing how much easier SE has made FFXI over the years.  When I returned to FFXI in 2007 (from 2004 originally) we couldn’t even get through the first 3 crags.  Now, 7 years later, we duoed and absolutely destroyed Promathia with the help of Trust NPCs and iLevel equipment.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be able to get the Rajas ring that I’ve been dreaming about for all these years.  Hooray!

Some pictures below the gap.  I ended up taking over 100 pictures but I think I’ll try to limit myself to a few.

Until next time!



Asuran Fists Get

Wooooo! We’ve been busy.

While doing weaponskills to unlock the weaponskill weapon we ran into an NM in the tree:

Attached Image: img_20120327_223948.JPG

And murdered it easily.

Attached Image: img_20120327_224110.JPG

Next we made our way down to a skeleton NM to finish up the trial:

Attached Image: img_20120327_233839.JPG

And showed it who was boss:

Attached Image: img_20120327_233924.JPG

Now I have Asuran Fists!

Attached Image: img_20120327_234241.JPG