ToAU & WotG

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Aht Urhgan Mission No. Title Complete?
Mission 01 Land of Sacred Serpents Yes
Mission 02 Immortal Sentries Yes
Mission 03 President Salaheem Yes
Mission 04 Knight of Gold Yes
Mission 05 Confessions of Royalty Yes
Mission 06 Easterly Winds Yes
Mission 07 Westerly Winds Yes
Mission 08 A Mercenary Life Yes
Mission 09 Undersea Scouting Yes
Mission 10 Astral Waves Yes
Mission 11 Imperial Schemes Yes
Mission 12 Royal Puppeteer Yes
Mission 13 Lost Kingdom Yes
Mission 14 The Dolphin Crest Yes
Mission 15 The Black Coffin No
Mission 16 Ghosts of the Past No
Mission 17 Guests of the Empire No
Mission 18 Passing Glory No
Mission 19 Sweets for the Soul No
Mission 20 Teahouse Tumult No
Mission 21 Finders Keepers No
Mission 22 Shield of Diplomacy No
Mission 23 Social Graces No
Mission 24 Foiled Ambition No
Mission 25 Playing the Part No
Mission 26 Seal of the Serpent No
Mission 27 Misplaced Nobility No
Mission 28 Bastion of Knowledge No
Mission 29 Puppet in Peril No
Mission 30 Prevalence of Pirates No
Mission 31 Shades of Vengeance No
Mission 32 In the Blood No
Mission 33 Sentinels’ Honor No
Mission 34 Testing the Waters No
Mission 35 Legacy of the Lost No
Mission 36 Gaze of the Saboteur No
Mission 37 Path of Blood No
Mission 38 Stirrings of War No
Mission 39 Allied Rumblings No
Mission 40 Unraveling Reason No
Mission 41 Light of Judgment No
Mission 42 Path of Darkness No
Mission 43 Fangs of the Lion No
Mission 44 Nashmeira’s Plea No
Mission 45 Ragnarok No
Mission 46 Imperial Coronation No
Mission 47 The Empress Crowned No
Mission 48 Eternal Mercenary No

Wings of the Goddess

Mission No. Title Complete?
01 Cavernous Maws Yes
02 Back to the Beginning Yes
03 Cait Sith Yes
04 The Queen of the Dance Yes
05 While the Cat is Away Yes
06 A Timeswept Butterfly Yes
07 Purple, The New Black Yes
08 In the Name of the Father Yes
09 Dancers in Distress Yes
10 Daughter of a Knight No
11 A Spoonful of Sugar No
12 Affairs of State No
13 Borne by the Wind No
14 A Nation on the Brink No
15 Crossroads of Time No

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