Bastok Quests

Quests Started In Bastok Markets

Quest Complete?
A Flash in the Pan Yes
A Proper Burial No
Achieving True Power No
All by Myself No
Breaking Stones Yes
Brygid the Stylist No
Brygid the Stylist Returns No
Buckets of Gold No
Father Figure No
Gourmet No
Mom, the Adventurer? No
Stamp Hunt No
The Bare Bones Yes
The Cold Light of Day Yes
The Curse Collector No
The Elvaan Goldsmith No
The Return of the Adventurer No
The Signpost Marks the Spot No
Wish Upon a Star No

Quests Started In Port Bastok

Quest Complete?
A Discerning Eye (Bastok) Yes
A Foreman’s Best Friend Yes
A Lady’s Heart Yes
A Test of True Love No
Ayame and Kaede Yes
Beauty and the Galka Yes
Bite the Dust No
Eco-Warrior (Bastok) No
Escort for Hire (Bastok) No
Fear of Flying No
Forever to Hold No
Ghosts of the Past No
Guest of Hauteur No
Love and Ice No
Lovers in the Dusk No
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) Yes
Out of One’s Shell No
Past Perfect No
Shady Business Yes
Silence of the Rams No
The First Meeting No
The Quadav’s Curse No
The Stars of Ifrit No
The Usual No
The Walls of Your Mind No
The Wisdom of Elders No
Till Death Do Us Part No
Trial by Earth No
Trial Size Trial by Earth No
Welcome to Bastok No

Quests Started In Bastok Mines

Quest Complete?
A Chocobo Riding Game (Bastok) No
Altana’s Sorrow No
Blade of Darkness Yes
Blade of Death No
Drachenfall Yes
Fallen Comrades No
Groceries Yes
Hearts of Mythril No
Inheritance No
Minesweeper Yes
Rivals No
The Doorman No
The Eleventh’s Hour No
The Siren’s Tear Yes
The Talekeeper’s Truth No
The Talekeeper’s Gift No
Vengeful Wrath No

Quests Started In Metalworks

Quest Complete?
A Question of Faith No
Bait and Switch No
Beadeaux Smog No
Cid’s Secret No
Dark Legacy No
Dark Puppet No
Faded Promises Yes
Hyper Active No
Mean Machine Yes
Message on the Wind No
Out of the Depths No
Return to the Depths No
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later No
Smoke on the Mountain No
Stardust No
Teak Me to the Stars Yes
The Darksmith No
The Gustaberg Tour No
The Naming Game No
Too Many Chefs No
True Strength No
The Weight of Your Limits No

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