My First Boatride

I wanted to try giving fishing another shot because I was tired of leveling up. I had tried it twice and had spent over 4,000 gil before I even decided it today. So I dished out another 4,000 gil for a carbon rod (which everything I’ve been reading says is perfect for the little moat of Bastok). First cast, SNAP, it broke. I lost the 4,000 rod in one cast. Frustrated as I could possibly be, I messaged Glenn to ask how to get to Windurst so I could just go to the fishing guild and try to figure out something else. He informed me I had to take the boat from Selbina and then run the rest of the way once I was on the other side.

Fine. He said that the boat ride was painless though it took a bit of time. Also fine. I went to Selbina, paid the fare and waited. Finally the boat arrived and I boared. “This is kind of cool” I thought. I had never even thought about riding the boat before because I had heard stories of it being attacked by pirates. “Don’t worry,” Glenn told me, “it rarely happens and if it does happen just stay below deck and you’ll be safe.” Good.

Boy this couldn’t be further from the truth.