According to the FFXI wiki about Iku-Turso.. Easy solo as SAM/DNC. Just build steps to stun spells, & heal through maelstrom. Atmas were stout arm / vv / apoc. Started off with Sekkanoki + Konzen (300tp) and did shoha to kasha for light (don’t have fudo for double light) taking him down to half right off the bat the majority of the time (if not more). He’s simple as long as you stun his spells that usually follow after maelstrom.

I decided to test that today..



Attention NM Alliance Leaders

Tonight I wasn’t really planning on playing any FFXI. I’ve been spending so much time in the game that other areas of my life are starting to be affected. But, alas, this game is like herion and I’m a horrible addict.