Asuran Fists Get

Wooooo! We’ve been busy.

While doing weaponskills to unlock the weaponskill weapon we ran into an NM in the tree:

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And murdered it easily.

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Next we made our way down to a skeleton NM to finish up the trial:

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And showed it who was boss:

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Now I have Asuran Fists!

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Some Drops

Smz and I had a pretty lucky night last night.

Both of us have been wanting to get a Joyeuse for our jobs that can use them, however we haven’t had any luck camping the NM til last night.

We managed to get it to pop and had a crazy but relatively easy fight. So Smz is now the proud owner of a Joyeuse. 🙂

After that we went skilling up in the tree. However, our labors weren’t quite as fruitful there so we moved to Zeruhn Mines to skillup and attempt to get the ring that drops there. Well, we got the ring to drop! WOOOHOO! Hopefully the ring’s effect is not just a placebo effect.

In less exciting news, my level 97 RDM’s enhancing is completely capped. If I had to guess how long it took to cap enhancing I’d say it took over 48 hours straight of casting barspells/refresh/protect/etc (a little bit here, a little bit there, etc). That seems utterly ridiculous to me, but it’s par for the course when it comes to SE.

And I must really hate myself as I’ve started another Magian Trial (this time for the WAR’s str G.axe). Anyone who knows me at all knows that I can’t stand the Magian Trials. I just find them all so boring. At least the G.axe’s trials aren’t quite as annoying as the G.katana’s WS trials. So that’s something I guess. 😛

Anyway.. that’s all for now.

Duoing Pallid Percy

Hmm.. so today we decided to try and duo Pallid Percy for the RDM and SAM head seals that it drops..

It was a pretty rough fight but we managed to tough it out and won.  That’s probably the most fun I’ve had in FFXI in a while (at least the most heart pumping).   So after Smz won the first (and only) SAM seal we still had one more pop item left.  Figuring we’ve got this in the bag, we tried again.

It raped us!

I’ve never seen us wipe so fast to anything before in my life.  It was like night and day between the first and second pop.  I still don’t know what really happened and why we were destroyed so fast.

We raised and healed to full.  Since the NM is near the worms that drop its pop item we decided to try and farm one more pop item to try one last time for the day.  Ten min later we popped the NM again.  Lost again.  It was easier than the second time, but harder than the first.

If we hadn’t won the first time I’d say it was impossible for us to duo (despite what people say on the wiki).  Yet, we won the first time so I know it’s possible.  I guess it really comes down to pure luck (of which I have little).

I’m really curious to see if I can figure out some new gear combination or food combinations that would help us win this thing more than 1/3.  I’d really like to finish my SAM AF3+1 head (and I know Smz would like to too).

Guess we’ll keep trying.


Shoha is done!

Tachi: Shoha is done. :dancing: I haven’t had a chance to test the strength of 5/5 Shoha yet but I hope it’s worth grinding 100 full merits for.  3/5 was as strong as Y/G/K so I’m expecting good things out of 5/5.

Things to do (whenever I get a chance):

  • Finish my Keitonotachi trial (this one will be a long-term goal, as the trial I’m on is painfully dull and I can’t stand to do it for much at a time)
  • Figure out how to duo a worm NM in Abyssea for SAM and RDM AF3 head seals for both of us (I need both, Smz needs SAM).
  • Do the level 40 AF weapon quests for: WAR, WHM and BLM and then immediately store all those pieces in storage.
  • Do lots of campaign to build up more notes so that I can turn around and buy lots of voiddust
  • Figure out the best AH items I can buy for RDM and get to building my item sets.. (then I’ll start working on the rare/ex stuff for RDM)
  • Work on WAR so I can get it up to Fell Cleave level (which will then allow us to grind merits a bit easier)
  • Need to finish skilling up RDM.  Enhancing was completely capped at 87 but now that I’m 97 it’s a bit behind again.  Elemental and Dark are both waaaaay behind.  Healing is somewhere inbetween. X_x

All of my FFXI Pictures

I’ve been playing FFXI off and on since 2004, when I used to play on the Asura server. After 2005 I quit (to make a long story short RMT camping literally every monster + decreasing funds = not a good time to play FFXI). I came back in 2007 on Quetz as a completely new character and have been pretty active since then.

Over the years I have taken an insane amount of pictures. I’ve recently spent a bit of time uploading them all to phobotucket.

If you’re interested in seeing seven years worth of pictures (with an eighth on the way soon) click right here and take a gander.

Aside from being sorted by year, there’s no real order to the galleries. And I’m quite aware that I have taken a huge number of totally pointless pics. 😛


Genkai 10 Finished + Shoha Unlocked

It seems that my fears of never finishing the final genkai was a bit premature. I ended up getting super lucky as I ran into one of my old LS mates. He was willing to help pull together a BST party to help me get past it. So thanks Jud and all those involved in helping me get past that huge road block.

Since then I decided to get the 1 xp I needed to get to 96 and then turn my focus on the new weaponskill. I’ve accumulated a whopping 25 merit points via campaign to unlock the new weapon skill category and Tachi: Shoha level 1.

People on other forums have talked about how overpowered Tachi: Shoha is, even at level 1. They were saying that outside of Abyssea they were doing around 2,000 damage with it and inside of Abyssea with certain atmas they were doing 6,000+ damage with it. Well, I took it to the closest place I could think of outside of Abyssea that had mobs that wouldn’t die in one hit and tried it out. I did 600 damage with it. LOLOLOL!

Well, to be fair I was using the soboro (I still love that weapon, even though I really should get off my lazy butt and work on my keitonotachi). Still, even using the soboro I’m normally doing 800+ damage with Y/G/K. Considering people were saying it’s just as strong as those three, I was expecting it to be around the same damage.

At least the animation looks neat. :shobon:

BST x2 Is Actually Pretty Fun

If you had told me a few months ago, or maybe even a year ago, that not only would I have leveled BST to 40 but I would have done it in five hours I would have told you that you were insane in the membrane.

In the past I never found BST all that much fun. I believe it’s probably due to the fact that it’s kind of slow when you do it solo. However, Smz and I both decided to grind BST together which makes it much, much more fun and interesting. This with combination of GoV, which I hadn’t really tested/used before, made the levels just fly on by. I can’t believe I went from level 21 to 40 in five hours outside of Abyssea. I also can’t believe how much insanity we survived at some points (I remember having five or six bats linked together by accident and yet we survived). BST is pretty awesome when you duo it.

Smz got lucky and got into a party that was doing the limit break last night after I had turned in for the night. So he’s done with the last limit break and is currently level 97. *clap* Congratulations to him! However, I’m still pretty much stuck and screwed when it comes to doing it.

It’s just as insane as it reads, I guess, according to what he was saying about it. Apparently he was killed in two hits before he could even react to what was going on. I’m thinking that it’s impossible to duo at the moment, even if we had two well-geared BSTs. I haven’t even seen any testimonies about it being trioed, muchless duoed. This fact is starting to make me wonder if I should bother grinding BST to 95. Sure, it’d be great to have BST that high for duoing AF3 seals or something, but that’s a ton of XP and time invested (plus having to do a Magian Trial x2 to get those -pdt axes).

I don’t know yet. Guess I’ll see how fast it goes from 40 to 50. Anyone know of any good GoV spots at that level?