A New Infobar Written in LUA Coming Soon!

Hello everyone.

I have noticed that a majority of the traffic that this blog gets is people interested in the Infobar Windower plugin.  Usually these are people looking for updates, be it the database or (lately) the actual DLL.  If you’re someone who already uses the plugin then you know that it hasn’t been working in quite some time after an XI update completely broke it.  You may be wondering why it hasn’t been updated when pretty much every other addon and plugin has been fixed since then.   To answer that, here’s a quote from Iryoku from the Windower forum:

InfoBar is the hardest plugin we have to maintain. It makes minimal use of the Windower plugin API and does everything its own way. It even implements its own scripting language using a custom-built interpreter. What happens when we fix all of the other plugins is we make a few minor changes to the plugin API source files, and then we can just recompile all the plugins and they’re good to go. With Infobar that doesn’t work, and we have to re-implement all of those fixes again for a completely different API that none of us are familiar with. Knowing this, you might be able to understand why none of us really ever want to tackle fixing InfoBar, and it’s perpetually put off for later.

The solution to this is to emulate the way Infobar works in a brand new LUA-based addon.  Over on the Windower forum the user Kenshi has been doing exactly that.  He basically rewrote Infobar from the ground up using LUA.  What does this mean? Well, it means that when Square-Enix decides to update XI it shouldn’t break anything.  Or, if it does, it should be able to be fixed within a few hours, maybe even a few minutes, afterwards.  Great, right?

What about the old database that I was working on?  Wouldn’t we have to write a brand new one?  Nope.  I spent a chunk of time yesterday writing a LUA sqlite script that could pull the information from the old Infobar database.  This is both good but also a little troublesome as there are some issues that come with this.  The biggest issue is that the database isn’t complete and someone else may have to finish that part up as I just don’t have time to add the dozens of missing monsters and data into the DB any more.  But adding a few dozen is better than having to go back and readd the entire FFXI bestiary.

Anyway, the addon isn’t fully released yet.  I believe Kenshi has one more issue to tackle before it can be released to the general public but it’s getting close.  As a user of Infobar for many, many years I’m super excited for this to finally be working again.  As a fellow user of Infobar I thought it’d be nice to share this information to the people who somehow end up on this blog looking for info on the plugin.  Just hang in there a little longer and it’ll be worth it. 🙂


Infobar Database – version 1.9 (possibly final from me)

Whoops!  When I said I was going to get this uploaded I didn’t expect it to take over a year.  Sorry guys.  That’s just how busy I’ve been lately.

Database Update version 1.9 (Sept 12, 2014)

With this, possibly the final release from me, I started adding the SoA areas:  Yahse Hunting Grounds, Ceizak Battlegrounds, and Moh Gates.

Due to lack of time and motivation (plus the fact that I don’t even play any more) it is highly unlikely that I will ever get around to finishing this up.  If anyone out there wants to pick up the mantle feel free.  If anyone actually gets it fully up to date I would love a copy of it as well just in case I ever decide to rejoin the game.

Good luck, brave adventurers.

Infobar Database 1.9 On Its Way!


I’m currently in the process of updating the Infobar database.  I know this is a bit late but as I mentioned in the last post I took a huge amount of time away from FFXI and haven’t even thought about trying to update this thing.

Unfortunately the wikis are missing a ton of information on most of these monsters so it’s going to be a bit of a crapshoot.  They’ll be in the database, so that it won’t just display “????” when you hover over them, but it won’t have complete information.  Still, at least they’ll be in there.

I don’t know how long this is going to take me to finish but just thought I’d come make a post to let people know that Infobar isn’t completely dead.

Infobar and the March 27, 2013 Update

This is just a quick note to say that the Infobar plugin dll has been broken via the 3/27/13 update.  I’m posting this as a reminder that I have absolutely no control over the actual program itself (the dll side of it).  I usually get a number of people commenting and emailing me about it so I thought I’d try to circumvent that here.  You’ll have to go talk to the people over on the Windower forum to have it fixed.

I also don’t have SoA yet so please don’t expect any major database updates either.  I’ll get around to it soon though, with luck.



Wow, the guys on Windower work fast.  Click here and go download the updated DLL.

A Few Updates

This is going to be a quick post just to say that for the month of March I’ve returned to the game.   I’m also making this post because Infobar has been updated to work with the 12/18/2012 patch that SE did, just in case you weren’t aware.  The version on the Windower site comes with my version 1.8 database update.

Speaking of the database update, while running around trying to collect the various geomagnetic points for the new teleport warps, I noticed I had missed 3 monsters.  It seems silly to reupload it just for that, but in case you want the missing monsters: version 1.8b has been released.  As always, I can’t promise that the database has everything.  But as I continue to run around Vana’diel, I’ll keep my eyes out for anything that I’ve missed and try to add it when I can.

Finally, I’ve already been asked if I was going to continue updating the database for the new SoA monsters that will inevitably come.  The short answer is: maybe.  The longer answer generally revolves around whether or not that the two Wikis are updated, as I pull all my info from there (except for a few monsters that had no info and I had to make an educated guess).  The good news is that I don’t need an active subscription to FFXI to update the database, so even if I stop playing I’ll continue to try and keep it up to date.

And that’s it for now!

Infobar Database Version 1.8

And here’s a nice way to start the new year: an update to the Infobar Database!

Database Update version 1.8 (Jan 6, 2012)

And here’s what’s new so far:

Version 1.8 – Jan 6, 2012
Fixed all of The Boyahda Tree (some monsters were there but the location was wrong so they wouldn’t show up) and then went ahead and added the GoV monsters for the following zones: The Boyahda Tree / Korroloka Tunnel / Kuftal Tunnel / Gustav Tunnel / Labyrinth of Onzozo. I used info from both wikis, so hopefully I didn’t miss anything in those zones.

I noticed some of the other zones listed for GoV (such as Ifrit’s Cauldron) doesn’t have any new monsters, hence why they’re not listed above.

Let me know if I missed any and I’ll fix it asap.

Infobar Database version 1.7 Released

Seems like it’s been forever since I released a version of the database. Sorry for the long wait everyone.

Database Update version 1.7 (July 24, 2011)

And here’s what’s new:

Version 1.7 – July 24, 2011
Grounds of Valor monsters have been added (finally!). I am not 100% sure if every single GoV mob has been added due to the wiki’s lack of updates as of late. If anyone encounters any that aren’t in there, please let me know and I’ll add them. I haven’t had time to test to see if the aggro conditions (or lack thereof) are correct for most of the monsters as well. Proceed with caution around GoV mobs.

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