Bastion Guide

According to this blog’s stats, a majority of people find this blog by searching for Bastion information. Now, I have two posts on Bastion so far but they’re mostly personal experiences. Since people seem to be wanting hard-cold facts/information on Bastion, I thought I’d write more of a guide to Bastion rather than “hey, here’s what I did and what happened to me.” If you’re looking for Bastion info, look no further. As a small warning, this guide might be a little long but I tried to cover everything.



Bastion.. Round 2

So SE claims that they have made some “adjustments” to Bastion. I decided to go check it out and see. I spent most of my time in Vunkerl though I did drop by Misareaux once when the Iron Giant got pulled into the Vunkerl lobby-esque area and we could no longer continue there. With that in mind..



So my LS mates convinced me to buy the second Abyssea expansion. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted it or not but I figured if it was anywhere near as much fun as the first one (with getting so much xp) then it’d be worth it. Plus, what the heck? New areas to explore and a whole new event to try out: Bastion.