Petrifying Pair

My interest in BCNMs really sparked after I saw a video of Avesta, a well-known red mage, solo multiple NMs and BCNMs that were previously considered undoable. This really inspired me to start leveling RDM to try to see what I, myself, could do. My friend, Smz, also got inspired and decided to join me to see what was possible to duo.

This entry will be about my first duo BCNM: Petrifying Pair.



2-3 Dragon Fight

If there’s one mission in this game that I actually enjoy it’s the 2-3.  Specifically, I really like the dragon fight at the end of the mission.

Almost everyone has done this mission at least once so you already know what it’s about. I’ve done this multiple times and always have fun doing it.  This time we tried a different strategy and with fewer people than normal. Be sure to check it out. And as always, click the link and watch it in HD for the best/readable quality.

Click and Watch in HD for best quality