Infobar Database Update

This is just a quick post to say that while updates to the Infobar database have slowed down considerably as of late, it hasn’t been forgotten.

I keep running into mobs that I was sure that I had added in the past but there was data missing for. I have no idea why this keeps happening but as I run across them I tend to fix it. I haven’t had any time to work on adding weaknesses/respawn times to any of the NMs though. And now, with a brand new update, there’s a good chance that a lot of mobs may need work depending on what exactly SE has done to the dungeon zones.

As usual, though, if someone discovers anything missing/incorrect please don’t hesitate to leave a comment telling me so that I can get it fixed for the next major release.

And thanks for being so patient.


Special Thanks to My LS

This is just a quick post to say thank you for the EightBit LS for helping me with getting my AF3+1 pant seals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever actually finish that trial/get the armor. Also thanks to another group that was also camping that crazy seal NM who didn’t mind helping each other out. That was pretty cool.

It’s also worth saying thanks to them for helping me finish the first Abyssea boss I’ve ever done (in La Theine). It’s nice to be able to finally equip two atmas. Here’s hoping that the fun ride won’t end anytime soon and we’ll continue to kill bosses and gather up some nice equip/seals/atmas.