8-Bit vs Simurgh

The LS I’m in, 8-bit, decided to take a stab at the giant demon bird Simurgh. We managed to win the claim and I recorded the battle. Unfortunately we were just too few people short of being able to take it down before it raged on us. Better luck next time.

direct link

I have a much higher quality video of the fight and if I can ever get it uploaded I will come post it.


I’ve been trying to expand this blog quite a bit.  If you look at the top of the page you will see tabs to various new sections.  Jobs will be a page that lists my current in-game job levels.  Crafts will be in-game craft levels.  Missions & Quests will be a record of all the various quests and missions that I have completed throughout the game (including artifact armor).

I will try to keep them somewhat current and finish adding all of the links/lists.  It might take awhile though.  I don’t think you really realize how many quests and missions there are in this game until you start trying to list them all.