Augment and Testimony

So I decided to try out the augment system from this latest update. As I’ve heard on multiple message boards, the augment system is a total disappointment. A translation error on SE’s side tricked a lot of people into thinking it was much better than it really was and that once reality sunk in so did anger.

I can’t completely disagree.




Sorry for the lack of updates recently.

I really haven’t done much in-game except camp Quu Domi in Castle Oztroja (0/20 now) and Stubborn Dredvodd in Phanauet Channel (0/3 on the ring, 76 boat rides).

I’ve been rather bored of trying to grind xp on RDM and SAM. And I can’t really do anything fun again until I can skill up my weapons, which is also boring as sin and takes flippin’ forever.

But a new update is coming in a few days so perhaps some fun things will emerge that won’t require capped skills and a 75.