Capped! Wait, what?

Smz and I finally got into another Abyssea party (well, his first). I have to admit, at first it went really slow but by the end of it, it was even more amazing than the first party. Like last time, everyone was really nice. Unlike last time, there was very little swapping out of members (so we didn’t constantly have newbies we had to worry about getting kill shots), and while xp started painfully slow (30 xp/kill) it was over 600 xp/kill by the end.

Speaking of xp.. in four hours I received 343,998 xp total. I went from 9,000 xp away from level 88 and 2k away from a 3rd merit point to literally capped everything to the point where I could no long receive xp/limit points in FOUR HOURS.


Some of you out there who live in Abyssea are probably shrugging going “yeah, so what?” But for me, this is amazing. I mean, I had grinded two levels via Bastion and was becoming more and more frustrated with it (and in turn, the game itself). Last night kind of re-vitalized the game for me and got me excited again. So kudos to such an awesome party I had.

Also, it was pretty neat to see blue on everything. I never thought I’d ever see 20 merits and max limit points too.

Until next time!