Wrapping Up My Time in Vana’Diel This Week!

Just finished up with FFXI for this free period (won’t get to play Sat, Sun, Mon or Tues and it ends on Wed; next day off is Thurs so it’ll be over by then).

Here’s a few things though:

  • I got the Rajas ring. :woop:
  • I got Trust: Prishe and Trust: Ulmia
  • I now have capped GK skill!
  • And about 6,000 capacity points.  Seems like it takes forever to get a single job point.
  • It’s possible to solo some of the reives now using trust NPCs (used Prishe, Trion and the WHM taru and was able to clear a reive solo; this is a far cry from when I was murdered by the grasshoppers when I got SoA).
  • I took 368 pictures in the three days I played lol.
  • Besieged monsters still hit like mack trucks but with giants drink and spamming third eye it wasn’t too bad.  Managed to survive the entire battle and only fell into red HP once (when I was helping fight one of the beastman generals). I think this is the first time I’ve ever been able to help fight the generals.
  • ..the limit points you get from besieged has been increased a lot.  I got 15,000 limit points/IS when that besieged battle was over.  When was this increased??

I have ten-ish more zones to add to infobar before it’s “up to date”.  :suicide:    I’ll try to be working on that harder next week (I can do that without needing an active sub).

And that’s probably going to do it for me on FFXI.  I don’t have time to do anything else, unfortunately, and I won’t be re-subbing this month (Hyrule Warriors comes out in the not too far future I’ll be playing that).  Depending how things go, I miiiiiiiiiight consider re-subbing in October but we’ll see.


Some Drops

Smz and I had a pretty lucky night last night.

Both of us have been wanting to get a Joyeuse for our jobs that can use them, however we haven’t had any luck camping the NM til last night.

We managed to get it to pop and had a crazy but relatively easy fight. So Smz is now the proud owner of a Joyeuse. 🙂

After that we went skilling up in the tree. However, our labors weren’t quite as fruitful there so we moved to Zeruhn Mines to skillup and attempt to get the ring that drops there. Well, we got the ring to drop! WOOOHOO! Hopefully the ring’s effect is not just a placebo effect.

In less exciting news, my level 97 RDM’s enhancing is completely capped. If I had to guess how long it took to cap enhancing I’d say it took over 48 hours straight of casting barspells/refresh/protect/etc (a little bit here, a little bit there, etc). That seems utterly ridiculous to me, but it’s par for the course when it comes to SE.

And I must really hate myself as I’ve started another Magian Trial (this time for the WAR’s str G.axe). Anyone who knows me at all knows that I can’t stand the Magian Trials. I just find them all so boring. At least the G.axe’s trials aren’t quite as annoying as the G.katana’s WS trials. So that’s something I guess. 😛

Anyway.. that’s all for now.

Royal Jelly – Duo

Smz and I show how to do the BCNM Royal Jelly duo as WAR + DRG. We even got Utsusemi:ni to drop! Normally we don’t have such a problem with almost dying (it was pretty close at one point). Smz just mistimed his spells a few times that caused Healing Breath to not go off and I used the wrong WS. (What can we say? We were a little out of practice). But it just goes to show you can mess up a few times and still win pretty easily.

The graphics kinda wigged out there at the start. Just get to the part where we enter the BCNM and they should be fine.

Special Thanks to My LS

This is just a quick post to say thank you for the EightBit LS for helping me with getting my AF3+1 pant seals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever actually finish that trial/get the armor. Also thanks to another group that was also camping that crazy seal NM who didn’t mind helping each other out. That was pretty cool.

It’s also worth saying thanks to them for helping me finish the first Abyssea boss I’ve ever done (in La Theine). It’s nice to be able to finally equip two atmas. Here’s hoping that the fun ride won’t end anytime soon and we’ll continue to kill bosses and gather up some nice equip/seals/atmas.

Mission Item Drop Rates

There’s one thing that really gets on my nerves in this game:  mission item drop rates.


Attention NM Alliance Leaders

Tonight I wasn’t really planning on playing any FFXI. I’ve been spending so much time in the game that other areas of my life are starting to be affected. But, alas, this game is like herion and I’m a horrible addict.


Myochin Kabuto Get

I know this is going to sound really pathetic, but I just now finally finished my original SAM AF helmet. That’s right, I finally have my Myochin Kabuto!

I’ve had SAM unlocked now for nearly three years and I’m just now getting the helmet. If that’s not pathetic I don’t know what is. But I am glad to finally have it and to have finally finished all the original artifact armor quests for that job. Now I’m going to start working on getting the seals for the new Abyssea SAM AF legs.

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