RotZ & CoP

Rise of the Zilart

Zilart Mission No. Title Complete?
01 The New Frontier Yes
02 Welcome t’Norg Yes
03 Kazham’s Chieftainess Yes
04 The Temple of Uggalepih Yes
05 Headstone Pilgrimage Yes
06 Through the Quicksand Caves Yes
07 The Chamber of Oracles Yes
08 Return to Delkfutt’s Tower Yes
09 Ro’Maeve Yes
10 The Temple of Desolation Yes
11 The Hall of the Gods Yes
12 The Mithra and the Crystal Yes
13 The Gate of the Gods Yes
14 Ark Angels (or Divine Might[1]) Yes
15 The Sealed Shrine Yes
16 The Celestial Nexus Yes
17 Awakening No
18 The Last Verse No

Chains of Promathia

Chapter Title Complete?
1. Ancient Flames Beckon 1. The Rites of Life Yes
2. Below the Arks Yes
3. The Mothercrystals Yes
2. The Isle of Forgotten Saints 1. An Invitation West Yes
2. The Lost City Yes
3. Distant Beliefs Yes
4. An Eternal Melody Yes
5. Ancient Vows Yes
3. A Transient Dream 1. Call of the Wyrmking Yes
2. Vessel Without a Captain Yes
3. Road Forks Yes
4. Tending Aged Wounds Yes
5. Darkness Named Yes
4. The Cradles of Children Lost 1. Sheltering Doubt Yes
2. The Savage Yes
3. The Secrets of Worship Yes
4. Slanderous Utterings Yes
5. The Return Home 1. The Enduring Tumult of War Yes
2. Desires of Emptiness Yes
3. Three Paths Yes
6. Echoes of Time 1. For Whom the Verse is Sung Yes
2. A Place to Return Yes
3. More Questions Than Answers Yes
4. One to be Feared Yes
7. In the Light of the Crystal 1. Chains and Bonds Yes
2. Flames in the Darkness Yes
3. Fire in the Eyes of Men Yes
4. Calm Before the Storm Yes
5. The Warrior’s Path Yes
8. Emptiness Bleeds 1. The Garden of Antiquity Yes
2. A Fate Decided Yes
3. When Angels Fall Yes
4. Dawn Yes
5. The Last Verse No

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