Infobar Database 1.6

It’s that time again! Time for another Infobar database update.

I’ve been working hard trying to make this database complete but I keep stumbling upon things that are missing. In this case, someone has pointed out that both weaknesses and respawn times were missing. So I went ahead and added them (5 minutes for outdoor areas, 16 minutes for dungeon/indoor areas; EXCLUDING Abyssea areas). Both respawn times and weaknesses are all for non NM monsters only. The NMs will have to be added at a later time.

I’ve also received a few comments/emails saying that Infobar is broken and that it only shows the monster’s names and nothing else. This is because of the Feb 14 update that we received. It did something and made a bunch of plugins, this one included, broken. Please note that I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS. The database does not handle any of that stuff. It’s just a collection of data.

However, the person maintaining the actual Infobar program has made an update to it that fixes the problem. So please go redownload the actual dll file. And then test out my new database and let me know if there’s any major problems with it. 🙂 Links below.

Original Infobar Download ** Updated for the Feb 14, 2011 Update
Database Update version 1.6 (February 24, 2010)