2012 Gallery Up

I’ve been collecting the new warp points around Vana’diel to make it easier to get around.  Some of the warp points are in annoying places (*cough* top of the worst zone in the history of video games *cough*) and others are just like “why bother?” because they’re so close to other warp points (the marshlands, for example).  Oh well.  It’s still nice having something to do for once that doesn’t involve killing beasts for my keitonotachi (which I still need to work on X_X I hate that trial so much).

While doing all that, I’m helping get Tiranadel up to level 60, farming RDM testimonies, killing NMs like a boss, and otherwise actually having fun with the game. Fun? In FFXI? Lies and scandal!

And I noticed that I had forgotten to upload the 2012 FFXI pictures I took to the album site.  There’s 231 pictures this time around (which is really not that many, most years have over 400).   Come check them out by clicking here!  (note that Photobucket really sucks now and is uploading them in reverse order.  No matter how many times I try or which ways I try to do it, it keeps uploading them in reverse order. :suicide:)

I should repeat that you probably won’t find any “ground breaking” photos in my albums.  Some of them are just silly pics I took of things that are so common that I don’t know why I even hit the button.  Still, I love to take tons of pictures and look through them on occasion just to remember some of the stuff I’ve done.


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