A Few Updates

This is going to be a quick post just to say that for the month of March I’ve returned to the game.   I’m also making this post because Infobar has been updated to work with the 12/18/2012 patch that SE did, just in case you weren’t aware.  The version on the Windower site comes with my version 1.8 database update.

Speaking of the database update, while running around trying to collect the various geomagnetic points for the new teleport warps, I noticed I had missed 3 monsters.  It seems silly to reupload it just for that, but in case you want the missing monsters: version 1.8b has been released.  As always, I can’t promise that the database has everything.  But as I continue to run around Vana’diel, I’ll keep my eyes out for anything that I’ve missed and try to add it when I can.

Finally, I’ve already been asked if I was going to continue updating the database for the new SoA monsters that will inevitably come.  The short answer is: maybe.  The longer answer generally revolves around whether or not that the two Wikis are updated, as I pull all my info from there (except for a few monsters that had no info and I had to make an educated guess).  The good news is that I don’t need an active subscription to FFXI to update the database, so even if I stop playing I’ll continue to try and keep it up to date.

And that’s it for now!


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