Doomed Pilgrims

Smz and I have been working on the Zilart missions.  If you can’t guess by the title of this post, we’re currently on Headstone Pilgrimage.  Well, technically he’s on the one right after this one.  I kind of fell behind.  Because of that I decided to go ahead and try to get it done solo.

Visiting the various headstones has been an interesting journey, as they’re taking me to out of the way places that I don’t normally visit.  So that’s always nice.  The fights have also be really super easy.  But he warned me that the final fight, Doomed Pilgrims, was really hard for him as 99DRG and warned that I might have to wait til he was available to help duo it.

Well I have buffer xp to burn so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I mean, heck, the worst that could happen is that I’d die  and lose 1k xp.  Onoz, not one GoV book page worth! The horror!

To play it safe I decided to buy a tavnazian taco and use my NPC fellow.  The taco was a pretty awesome idea but the NPC is something I later realized was optional for me.  I have 5/5 Shoha merits, and was using the regular ol Hagun (I still need to work on my magian trials). Aside from strength, my SAM is pretty much maxed out on merits.  So keep that in mind..


It actually went better than expected. Here’s how I went about winning it.

First, I decided to kill mobs around the stone to build up 300% tp and to get some blue chests to drop to get some temporary potions (which I ended up not needing, but still think was a good idea to have just in case). Drain Samba won’t work on it, of course, so I built up 5 Finishing Moves. I actually had two ideas behind this. The first was to use Desperate Flourish on it if things were going poorly and timers weren’t ready yet. With it weighed down, I could outrun it and try to heal myself while it caught back up. The second idea was to use Reverse Flourish with the remaining 4 moves to give me 40ish TP, which, with any TP I had left over (as long as I didn’t miss a WS), would be just enough to use Curing Waltz III one time. I did use Reverse Flourish but I ended up using it to get me to 100% TP to use Shoha the final time to end its life.

After I had my battle plan in mind, and my TP built up, I summoned the NPC. I waited til she casted Shell and Protect on me (though honestly I could’ve probably gotten it from the book), ate the taco, and rested til the NPC had full mp again. When that was done, I used Spectral Jig, then activated Seigan + Third Eye, Sekkanoki and Sengikori. I touched the headstone and waited a few seconds, then hit yes, to pop the monster. With sneak on, it wouldn’t attack me immediately (giving me time to target it and get set).

After that it was the standard bumrush I tend to do on NMs and things. I used Konzen-ittai + Shoha + used Hagakure + Kasha = two step light. Then I made sure third eye was still on (the NM had knocked through it) then popped my 2hr. Yuki + Gekko + Kasha = three step light.

Thankfully the paralyze of kasha worked pretty good against it. And at this point in the battle, I’d say it only had about 48% or so life left. I used meditate and from that point on it was simply using Shoha when I had TP to spare. At some point, probably around 25%ish life or so, I switched to the soboro. I think I cured myself a whopping two times. When it was down to roughly 10% or so life, I used Reverse Flourish and a few hits from the soboro gave me the final 100% tp I needed to use the last Shoha to win.

It wasn’t that bad, honestly. I’m actually kind of surprised.

Anyway, that was my adventure in trying to solo some insane NM. 🙂


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