Shoha is done!

Tachi: Shoha is done. :dancing: I haven’t had a chance to test the strength of 5/5 Shoha yet but I hope it’s worth grinding 100 full merits for.  3/5 was as strong as Y/G/K so I’m expecting good things out of 5/5.

Things to do (whenever I get a chance):

  • Finish my Keitonotachi trial (this one will be a long-term goal, as the trial I’m on is painfully dull and I can’t stand to do it for much at a time)
  • Figure out how to duo a worm NM in Abyssea for SAM and RDM AF3 head seals for both of us (I need both, Smz needs SAM).
  • Do the level 40 AF weapon quests for: WAR, WHM and BLM and then immediately store all those pieces in storage.
  • Do lots of campaign to build up more notes so that I can turn around and buy lots of voiddust
  • Figure out the best AH items I can buy for RDM and get to building my item sets.. (then I’ll start working on the rare/ex stuff for RDM)
  • Work on WAR so I can get it up to Fell Cleave level (which will then allow us to grind merits a bit easier)
  • Need to finish skilling up RDM.  Enhancing was completely capped at 87 but now that I’m 97 it’s a bit behind again.  Elemental and Dark are both waaaaay behind.  Healing is somewhere inbetween. X_x

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