Genkai 10 Finished + Shoha Unlocked

It seems that my fears of never finishing the final genkai was a bit premature. I ended up getting super lucky as I ran into one of my old LS mates. He was willing to help pull together a BST party to help me get past it. So thanks Jud and all those involved in helping me get past that huge road block.

Since then I decided to get the 1 xp I needed to get to 96 and then turn my focus on the new weaponskill. I’ve accumulated a whopping 25 merit points via campaign to unlock the new weapon skill category and Tachi: Shoha level 1.

People on other forums have talked about how overpowered Tachi: Shoha is, even at level 1. They were saying that outside of Abyssea they were doing around 2,000 damage with it and inside of Abyssea with certain atmas they were doing 6,000+ damage with it. Well, I took it to the closest place I could think of outside of Abyssea that had mobs that wouldn’t die in one hit and tried it out. I did 600 damage with it. LOLOLOL!

Well, to be fair I was using the soboro (I still love that weapon, even though I really should get off my lazy butt and work on my keitonotachi). Still, even using the soboro I’m normally doing 800+ damage with Y/G/K. Considering people were saying it’s just as strong as those three, I was expecting it to be around the same damage.

At least the animation looks neat. :shobon:


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lexicorro (@lexicorro)
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 14:11:38

    I found the damage didn’t get good till I was up to level 3 in shoha.


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