BST x2 Is Actually Pretty Fun

If you had told me a few months ago, or maybe even a year ago, that not only would I have leveled BST to 40 but I would have done it in five hours I would have told you that you were insane in the membrane.

In the past I never found BST all that much fun. I believe it’s probably due to the fact that it’s kind of slow when you do it solo. However, Smz and I both decided to grind BST together which makes it much, much more fun and interesting. This with combination of GoV, which I hadn’t really tested/used before, made the levels just fly on by. I can’t believe I went from level 21 to 40 in five hours outside of Abyssea. I also can’t believe how much insanity we survived at some points (I remember having five or six bats linked together by accident and yet we survived). BST is pretty awesome when you duo it.

Smz got lucky and got into a party that was doing the limit break last night after I had turned in for the night. So he’s done with the last limit break and is currently level 97. *clap* Congratulations to him! However, I’m still pretty much stuck and screwed when it comes to doing it.

It’s just as insane as it reads, I guess, according to what he was saying about it. Apparently he was killed in two hits before he could even react to what was going on. I’m thinking that it’s impossible to duo at the moment, even if we had two well-geared BSTs. I haven’t even seen any testimonies about it being trioed, muchless duoed. This fact is starting to make me wonder if I should bother grinding BST to 95. Sure, it’d be great to have BST that high for duoing AF3 seals or something, but that’s a ton of XP and time invested (plus having to do a Magian Trial x2 to get those -pdt axes).

I don’t know yet. Guess I’ll see how fast it goes from 40 to 50. Anyone know of any good GoV spots at that level?


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