Wanting to Come Back

It’s been roughly three months since I last touched FFXI (and three months prior to that one month). When I came back three months ago I basically realized I didn’t have as much spare time as I had thought and only played maybe two or three times a week (most of that was spent in campaign or doing the weekly xp scrolls). But this game is like a drug. And when I hear the music play on my song rotation list, I feel really nostalgic and desperately want to play again.

The only problem is that I really don’t know what to do in the game. It’s not like I’m out of things to do, oh no I have plenty of stuff, but the limited time I have to play a week makes it hard to do anything substantial. Plus the LS I was a part of, the LS that helped me far more than they probably should have, is long gone. It’s just me and my long-time duoing buddy Smz left.

From the beginning, when I first picked up the FFXI box and thought it’d be fun to try out, the only job I really was interested in was SAM. That’s been my main focus from the get-go. It’s the only job that, after four years of playing, I can actually still stand to play. Unfortunately we’ve hit the brick wall with the last genkai. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a party that’s willing to help us with it, but reading shouts and forum posts it sounds like the initial rush is over and some people may be SOL on ever getting that done unless you’re just lucky (or until SE nerfs it to high heaven). SAM + DRG can’t duo that genkai boss from what it sounds like. Maybe I’m wrong, we’d have to try it and see, but it sounds downright insane.

“So level another job!” you’re saying. I don’t know which job to level, honestly. :/ Back before the level cap I was working on grinding RDM to 75 to help with duoing things that SAM+DRG couldn’t. But I’m a really awful RDM (I can admit that). I didn’t have the gil to spend on the HQ staves (although now they’re probably dirt cheap), I’m missing a ton of spells, and I basically hate being a refresh+haste+cure bot for hours at a time in parties. Sure, now with Abyssea maybe it would go faster but the point stands that I really don’t like that job and I don’t have the proper gear for it. In fact, most mage jobs bore me to tears. The only one that doesn’t is BLU but I hate how it runs out of mp so fast and the way you learn spells. Letting a mob pound on me for an hour or two to learn 1 spell is not my idea of fun.

I could grind another melee job up to 95 but I don’t think it would make much difference. As, again, I don’t really have any proper gear (and I’m not rolling in gil). Plus would MNK+DRG make any difference in the genkai? How about NIN+DRG? DRK+DRG? Even if Smz were to level another job, is that thing even possible to duo at this point yet? I guess if we both had MNK leveled and geared we might be able to pull together a party to make it happen via shouts in Jeuno. Or I guess we could work on BST together and see if 2x BST could duo it.

Let’s assume that it isn’t duoable at all. So I decide not to bother trying to level another job up. I can merit SAM but I’m near the limit on that. Since SAM is my only job above level 75 it’s the only job I can plop merits into. And I’m about done with that (surprisingly). I imagine 8 or so hours (maybe less, even) in Abyssea would cap me out completely.

What else could I do instead of leveling? Well, I can go grind the avatars and finally unlock them all. lol Four years of playing and I still don’t even have all the avatars (except the two newest ones).. how sad. But at least that’s something. And while I would say we could do missions we seem to be stuck there too (thanks to not having the right job combination or the help needed to continue on).

Sorry, I don’t mean for this post to be nothing but whining. I really love FFXI but I just have a hard time deciding what to do with the very limited amount of time I have to play it any more. If anyone has a suggestion on something that can be done duo in a “few hours a night” kind of time frame, let me know.


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  1. lexicorro
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 14:44:14

    for genkei10 bst tanking works really good with a few tails and a blm. the rest of the pt can be practically anything. That’s how we did it last time with ppl in our linkshell. what server are you on?


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