I’m Not Dead, I Swear!

Anyone who has come to this blog in the last, oh, four months has probably noticed that there hasn’t been any new content. No updates. Not even a post saying that any updates are coming. I am sorry for that.

I thought it’d be nice to let everyone know that I’m still alive but I haven’t been playing FFXI since the end of September. I just haven’t had the time to play the game or even sit down and post here. As you can imagine, this also means that I haven’t been working on the Infobar database at all.

I can’t promise that the update will come quickly. In fact, I can’t even really estimate. But when I get some free time I’ll sit down and try to add the new GoV mobs that were in the last update. Once those are in I’ll release it. If someone else has already started adding them, I’d appreciate it if I could have a link to it. 🙂

Until the next update, everyone have fun and stay safe.


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