Mission Item Drop Rates

There’s one thing that really gets on my nerves in this game:  mission item drop rates.

I understand the whole concept of having low drop rates. I really do. And although sometimes they frustrate me (looking at you Stubborn Dredvodd and Quu Domi [who I never got the item from and gave up]) I understand that they’re necessary in an MMORPG. Low drop rates keep you coming back. If you were to achieve everything on the first go, well, what would be the point? You’d lose interest pretty quick and obviously they want you to keep playing so that they can earn money. But having said that, I don’t understand why MISSION item drop rates are so low sometimes.

Smz and I recently finished mission 6-2 of the Windurst side of things. For those who have never done it, the mission is broken up into two parts: go do a BCNM in Giddeus and then go to Castle Oztroja, farm a key and climb to the top of the tower, drop down into the room where the Genkai crest was, and open a locked door. Keep in mind that to get to the locked door you have to collect some of the passwords which reset at the start of each Vana day. So right there it’s already a long and tedious mission.

The BCNM aspect was really easy and took maybe 10 min total (to run there and to fight). The second half? Over three hours. Two hours of that was just trying to farm the key. A Judgement Key. It drops off one type of Yagudo on the top floor before the password area (and I guess there’s a few behind the password area too). 15 minute respawn. Only five, I believe I saw, on the top floor prior to the password area (and only 2 or 3 behind it that I noticed once we finally went down there). That. Is. Ridiculous!

There shouldn’t be a stall like that for doing missions. At least give other yagudo the chance to drop the key. When we were up there trying to get it, there were other people farming testimonies (yes, it’s the same yagudo that drops the MNK testimony). I shouldn’t have to compete with people who need the testimony (when I don’t) when all I want to do is finish a mission!

Finally, after getting the key, getting the passwords and dropping down we saw that the door was blocked by the true-sight yagudo. Thankfully at level 90 it was a pushover but I imagine if I had done this back at level 75 cap, I would have been even more angry than I was.

Long-story short, I’m rank 7 in Windurst and probably won’t be doing any more of that.


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