Attention NM Alliance Leaders

Tonight I wasn’t really planning on playing any FFXI. I’ve been spending so much time in the game that other areas of my life are starting to be affected. But, alas, this game is like herion and I’m a horrible addict.

Last night Smz and I had talked about doing the quest “Tango With a Tracker” — an ENM/BCNM in which you fight two of the three Mithra from the CoP storyline. But then we got hooked into an Abyssea alliance that was pulling around 110,000 xp/hr and I thought that the fight could wait. Tonight we decided to do it.

Doing a Light SC + one more WS killed the DRK Mithra. The BST Mithra, however, proved to be a pretty big annoyance. Dancing Edge hit me for over 600 and knocked me into red. Thank you SE for making that ability on DRG that lets you heal every minute and for deep breathing. That saved my hide tonight. The rabbit was a pushover, as expected. All that for 10k gil. Woo!

I was about to go log off at this point, figuring I’d just do that fight, but the LS was talking about AF3 seals and I happened to mention I really just want the Unkai Leg seals (the only piece of AF3 I’m dying to have; I’m still using SAM AF1 legs in that slot X_X) and after talking about Heqet, the NM that can drop up to 5 of those seals, one member was like “let’s go!”

We looked up the information on him via the wiki. I was surprised to see that a 90SAM/DNC and a RDM/whatever could duo it. But we didn’t have a RDM and decided it’d be safer if we teamed up with some other people. So our friend found another party to team up with. Up to this point everything was A-okay. We get to Abyssea Misareaux and get to camp. Find out that another alliance beat us to it. No big deal. We killed some squibs to kill some time. The other alliance left.

The other party leader HAD fought Haqet before but decided to not share any information on how to deal with it. Now perhaps some of the blame can be put on me and the two I was with. We didn’t speak up and ask questions. We had a basic knowledge of the NM from the wiki (which has become so lolol lately that I really should know better than to trust anything I read on there) and with everyone else staying silent I figured this would be like any other NM. I mean, when we went to fight the iron giant in Altepa we had several people speaking up and telling us exactly how to deal with it. But here? Silence.

So when it spawned and we managed to pull it away from the water/squib area, we went to town on it. I WSed and basically tried to keep the BLU unsilenced and myself alive. Seems like everyone was basically doing the same thing. And it was murdering us. Fools drink was able to keep me alive a little longer than some, but in the end it slaughtered every last one of us. Slightly before the final mass murder took place, the leader of the other party was yelling at everyone! Melee aren’t supposed to engage Heqet until its life is under 50%! And as the last body hit the ground, I heard that Heqet is a kiting mob!


I’m sorry, I don’t know every NM in this game. I mean, yeah, I should have asked { What’s the Battle Plan? } before we really got started since I didn’t know, but I say if you’re a party leader with intent to kill an NM that you have experience with, perhaps you should speak up. And by perhaps I mean please do. Loudly if necessary. BEFORE the NM is pulled. ESPECIALLY if no one is asking. At least ask and make sure everyone KNOWS. Don’t assume people know every NM in the game and how to deal with them all.

Also, does anyone know what’s going on with the Overking Apkallu in that zone? Everything I’ve read and seen suggests that they’re passive but they do link to each other. During the fight with Heqet I had one of these penguins on me, attacking me (which didn’t help at all since Heqet alone is overpowered). What did they link with? Heqet? Do they aggro something that I don’t know about? It was ….confusing.

Anyway, after we all died another group got it and killed it. We raised and the other group was nice enough to alliance with us so that we could get the drops. The end result though? No unkai seals at all (ugh). I’ll never see AF3 legs at this rate.

But at least now I know that Heqet is a kiting mob!


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