Sea Access! At Last!

I love how SE made CoP a lot easier. I know there’s some die-hards out there who STILL, to this day, think that removing the level caps was a horrible idea and that SE should be burned to the ground for such grievances against mankind but I say screw those people. CoP has one of the best storylines in the game (that I’ve seen so far) and is actually pretty fun now that it’s possible for me to actually do any of it (as I’m sure I mentioned, prior to the removal of the level caps I had been stuck trying to find a way to do the first three crags for months).

So last night Smz and I blitzed through the three NMs part (the kraken, tonberry and buggard). The only one that we thought we’d have trouble with was the tonberry but it turns out that you can knock its life down to about 30% or so and then kite it using desperate flourish until it tries to use its 2hr. Funny enough, I was in the middle of an animation when it used throat stab and that was the only danger we had the entire fight (heck, the buggard was harder to kill and even that was a pushover at 90).

Up next was Tenzen. We were pretty sure that we couldn’t duo him. We ended up asking our BLM friend, Rootsono, to help us out. And it was a total success. We owned him. It was almost funny just how fast he died once we got started with it. Most of the time was spent on meditate and timers.

The end result: we have Sea access! And the first thing we did was beat up a giant UFO! Boy those things hit hard.

This might be the end of our CoP progression for a while. Not necessarily because we’re burned out on it but rather that we just don’t have the jobs necessary to progress any further as it stands. I don’t know if we can duo the three NMs at each of the towers. But even if that is possible, I’m fairly sure we can’t duo the next mission after that. We’ll have to either wait for some LS members to unzombie themselves from Abyssea or try to shout for pickup groups (and hope they can unzombie themselves from Abyssea).

Either way though, I’m excited to have a new zone. Even if said zone has mobs that can beat the snot out of you.


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