Bastok Mission 7-2 Soloed

I keep ending up in situations where I’m forced to solo and test the limits of just what a level 90 samurai can do.

Tonight Smz and I decided to continue the Bastok mission storyline after we had stagnated on it for a few months. Due to the fact that it had been a few months Smz had forgotten to actually get to the point where you can enter the BCNM for the fight. Oops. A bad mistake to make but it gave me an opportunity to try to solo four quadavs: a DRK, WAR, RDM and WHM. All of the quadav can use their job’s 2hrs.

It took me 22 minutes but I won. I never thought this was possible. I mean, wow. At first when I entered and engaged (after building TP of course) I was being brutally murdered. It actually made me laugh with just how bad I was being beaten to death. Curing Waltz III is amazing though and it kept me going. Once the DRK went down, it became a little bit easier. The WAR went down second and the rest was pretty much a cakewalk except for one point where I got paralyzed and couldn’t get healing waltz to go off for a few tries. That was pretty close. But otherwise, not bad. Another adrenaline pumping moment in FFXI.

If anyone is wondering why it looks like I’m WSing in Perle gear, it’s because I use blinkmenot. I couldn’t stand the constant blinking with all the changing of equipment every time I WSed. Rest assured, I may be a pretty pitiful samurai but I’m not THAT bad.

If I had to do this solo again I would go for the RDM before I took out the WAR. The rest of the order would be the same though. And I would try to have slightly better gear (some SAM AF3 gear would be nice to have).

Ah well!


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