I Soloed Ultima

Smz and I have been trying to progress with the CoP storyline the last few times I’ve been able to play. Tonight we finally decided to try 6-4, i.e. the airship fight.

The mammets were super easy and they all went down in a few minutes. Then came Omega. At first everything was going great with Omega then it spammed the move that knocks your HP down to almost nothing and resets hate. As soon as it lost hate on me, it went to Smz and murdered him (as we had passed the point where it started speeding up). Somehow or another, I managed to survive (I still don’t know how) and it was on to Ultima.

Smz had forgotten to use a reraise so he was dead the entire fight. It was up to me, as a 90SAM/DNC, to solo it.

And I won. When I had Ultima down to 12% it started to spam equalizer on me. Curing Waltz 3 was just unable to keep up. It killed me. Thankfully I had reraise on and had pulled it over to the corner of the ship. So when it moved back to the starting spot, I raised, waited for weakness, got 200% TP and did another skillchain for the win.

I probably could have won without dying if I hadn’t make a stupid mistake upon first engaging Ultima. I was using the Hagun to start to do the most damage (it’s the best weapon I have, lol) before switching to the soboro for faster TP gain. Well, at the start I meant to use sekkanoki to do two WSes and a SC but I had forgot to hit that macro.. so I ended up just doing a 200% (300% with Hagun’s effect) WS to it. Knowing now that it was 1 SC away from dying when it killed me.. yeah, I probably could have killed it without dying if I hadn’t made that stupid mistake.

Anyway, I can’t stress how that was both horrible and exciting. At least now I know it’s possible. Unfortunately, the fight with Tenzen is coming up soon and I’m not quite so sure I can solo that one.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. minagodfrey
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 07:49:41

    So after party?- ye it seems like it’s worth it 😉


  2. browolf
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 14:21:08

    Lol Nice. I’ve soloed upto 4-3 so far (except the one in phomiuna aqueduct)


  3. iyouboushi
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 21:04:22

    Good luck Browolf with the “Three Paths” mission and the airship fight if you’re going to attempt them solo.

    The doll NM in Tenzen’s path was pretty annoying (I died, Smz barely beat it). The rest was pretty simple though (especially the three mithra).


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