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According to this blog’s stats, a majority of people find this blog by searching for Bastion information. Now, I have two posts on Bastion so far but they’re mostly personal experiences. Since people seem to be wanting hard-cold facts/information on Bastion, I thought I’d write more of a guide to Bastion rather than “hey, here’s what I did and what happened to me.” If you’re looking for Bastion info, look no further. As a small warning, this guide might be a little long but I tried to cover everything.

Bastion is an event in the “Scars of Abyssea” areas. You can consider it a super hyper-speed version of besieged; or, if you prefer, a hyper-speed version of a defensive battle in campaign. The object of Bastion is to defeat all the enemies while protecting the Pulse Martello. Several NPCs, of mage and warrior variety, will spawn to help protect the martello at the start of each battle.

How will you know there’s a battle? Simple: the game will tell you. A flood of text will appear in your chat log that will inform you that an attack from a certain direction’s verge is about to attack and that all able men and women should report to the Bastion Prefect to receive Pennant to help defend the martello. At this point, if you’re interested, you can go grab pennant (which is basically the same as campaign tags) and join the battle. The Bastion Prefect is located in these locations:

Abyssea – Attohwa @ G-8
Abyssea – Misareaux @ I-7
Abyssea – Vunkerl @ I-9

The fastest way to get to a Bastion Prefect is to use Conflux 00 as the NPC is usually very close by to the conflux.

The Bastion Prefect can also sell you temporary items for resistance credits as well as give you some key information about the status of things such as the martello’s life, the status of the various traps, and (most importantly) what % the various verges are at. When the % of the verge reaches 100% a battle will start usually within 30 seconds. The % of each verge usually rises around 2 to 5% per real-life minute, though sometimes it may skyrocket for a still unknown reason (I have seen it jump from 10% to 40% in two minutes when I know it shouldn’t have).

Once you receive Pennant, it’s a short run to the martello that you are to be defending. I’m afraid I don’t have all the positions of the martellos but they’re not very far. For example, in Vunkerl just run the only way out of the conflux 00 area and head straight and you’ll see it. Attohwa I believe is just a small run up a hill (if I recall correctly). And Misareaux is a small run up from the NPC (run past the opening that will be on the left as you head up). You might want to look for the martello first when you get to the area just so you know where it is before participating in Bastion.

Now then, the battle will begin. If you’re lucky there will be Clone Wards surrounding the martello that will help stave off the attackers for a few seconds. If not, well, good luck. The chat log will tell you how close the enemy army is. Unless a trap stops them or helps to separate them, most of the time the army will arrive as one gigantic ball of enemies that will make you do a double take if you’ve never seen it before. Your job here, aforementioned, is to defeat them all. The battle will end either when the martello is destroyed or when all enemies are defeated.

You will receive xp, cruor and resistance credits with every kill. More hate on an enemy will give you a bigger reward. A kill shot will give you the most. Unlike campaign, if you die you will receive nothing even after you raise.

There are a few things to note about battles and mobs here. First, unlike campaign, you can’t “hold” them anywhere. You can’t drag them a mile away from the martello and just solo them all like you can in campaign. They tend to lose hate pretty fast unless you can do some serious hate spikes. Once hate is lost they make a mad b-line straight for the clone wards/martello and they all have +movement speed. Second, they CAN be slept. So it’s actually better if you figure out which way they’re coming from and get a BLM to sleepga them all away from the martello (and the mage npcs) to try and pick them off one by one. Third, with exception to a few of the mobs, they don’t really have that much HP. Not saying they’re pushovers like bees in gustaberg or anything, but compared to campaign or besieged, they don’t have much hp. They just hit hard and love AoE moves that ignore shadows/third eye.

One last thing to note: while under Pennant regular mobs can’t attack you and you can’t attack them. So if one of those crazy true sight/sound NMs is around, you’re safe until the battle is over.

Now then, that’s the basic gist of Bastion itself. But you’re probably looking at the martello and seeing that its life is only 3% after a lost battle and it respawns and you’ve probably realized that these enemies are super overpowered and just loooooooove to use AoE attacks that will destroy the martello in seconds (especially after the NPC mages pull them all over right to it). And you’ve probably noticed that once the clone wards are gone they stay gone. How do these things get fixed? I’ll tell you! Resistance Operations.

Resistance Operations are very similar to campaign operations except that instead of being able to accumulate 7 and doing them all back to back, you only get 1 per Vana’day (so you can only do it once every 45 minutes or so) and they do not accumulate. There are three main operations and a variation of each. They are: Ward Warden, Desert Rain and Crimson Carpet. To do a resistance operation speak to the Resistance Sapper which is in the Conflux 00 area.

The object of Ward Warden is to take a key item sack and go to a small repair trunk somewhere in the zone (the sapper will tell you where the box is located on your map) and fill it with objects. There will be three different types of objects and they all seem to have a weight that changes each time you do the operation (or possibly each vana’day, it’s not quite clear). As you stuff objects into the bag it will give you messages such as “The bag is a little taut” or “The bag is showing signs of stretching.” The second best bag you can get is “The bag is squeaking under the tension.” The best bag is “Squeaking with extreme urgency.” If you over-stuff the bag it will break and you will have to report back to the sapper to restart the operation (or start a new one if you so prefer). Each bag is worth a different amount of resistance credits and cruor with the best bag being worth 1000 cruor. The second highest (“squeaking under the tension”) is worth 500 cruor.

The real reward of Ward Warden is that a successful operation will raise the health of the martello and restore life to clone wards. After some testing, here’s what the bags seem to do. With a bag just a bit taut, the Martello health increase by 1% and the Clone Wards by 2%. With a bag squeaking under the tension, the Martello health increase by 2% and the Clone Wards by 5%. With a bag squeaking with extreme urgency, the Martello health increase by 3% and the Clone Wards by 10%. [More testing may be needed to confirm this]

As you can see, it will take a number of people to do Ward Warden to actually raise the health of it to a point where one or two AoEs won’t absolutely demolish it and end the battle.

Ward Warden II is similar to the first only now you have to guide a chocobo to a large repair trunk that sits next to the small one in the same area. The problem is the chocobo is easily frightened and you need to purchase items in order to help get the chocobo to the box. I don’t know if completion of this resistance op actually changes how much health the martello receives or not as I’ve never done it and the Wiki is missing information on that. I have heard, though, that this is much, much harder unless there’s parties actively killing the aggro mobs in the path of the boxes.

Now then, onto the next operation: Desert Rain. This operation runs pretty much exactly the same as Ward Warden only the box is in a different spot for the operation (usually much further away and around tons of aggro but it depends on the zone). You get a sack and have to fill it with items. Like before, it’ll rip if you cram too much into it. This time this real reward is that it helps the NPCs. No one is really sure exactly what this op does to them, but to me it seems to make them much, much stronger (their spells seemed to do much more damage after I did this op once). It’s possible it also increases their defense against attack but more testing really needs to be done before I can say this with any kind of certainty.

Desert Rain II is like Ward Warden II. You use a chocobo and go to the boxes and back. Like before, you need to buy items to have even a slim chance of making it. It’s also really difficult and I’ve never done it.

The final operation, is Crimson Carpet. This operation is different from the previous two and deals with the traps that are in the zone. Both Crimson Carpet I and II are the same in terms of what you have to do but Crimson Carpet I deals with “Rear Traps” and II deals with “Fore Traps.” In both you have to go to the right kind of trap and click on it. It will then tell you to stand a certain distance away from the trap. Once you stand the right distance click on it again and tell it to commence the refilling process. Afterwards you’re done; go back to the resistance sapper for your reward. The amount of resistance credits and cruor you get depends on how accurate you are in standing to where it tells you to stand. And the real reward to this operation is that the traps will start working. The more people that do this operation the better the traps work when the enemies pass through them.

The traps do two things (one for each type): paralyze the enemies and weaken them. The rear traps cause paralysis to the enemies while the fore traps weaken their attacks (but I’m not sure by how much).

As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking that Crimson Carpet is the easiest operation. And you’re not wrong. If you’re just starting out in Abyssea and need some quick cruor, do Crimson Carpet a few times. Of course, if you’re one of those people who live in Abyssea you probably already have enough cruor to fill Scrooge McDuck’s bank, so I would honestly recommend everyone do Ward Warden. It’s a little more work (especially in any of the zones except Vunkerl since you have to dodge aggro to get to the boxes) but the reward is more important if you’re actually interested in doing Bastion battles (martello health is much-needed).

One more thing to mention: in Jeuno you can talk to Horst and he will tell you the highest verge % in each of the three zones. That way you don’t have to actually zone in, warp to conflux 00 and talk to the Bastion Prefect to find out if a battle will begin any time soon. Just check him and if it’s anywhere near 90%, and you’re looking to do a Bastion battle, warp there and you can usually make it in time for the battle.

Is Bastion worth it? Yes and no. If there’s a number of people actually participating and people actually do Ward Warden, yes. Yes it’s worth it. Each enemy can give you upwards of 3,000 xp a kill. It’d be very easy to get 40k/hr or more (probably a lot more) for very little time spent doing anything (battles only last a few minutes at most unless it’s multiple waves). However, if you’re solo and no one is helping you do the resistance operations, no, it’s probably not. Battles will end pretty quick since everything loves to spam AoEs unless you’re a BLM who can sleep everything (and even then, the NPC mages will just wake them all up with a spell).

I personally love Bastion but wish SE would do a few more fixes to make it a little more small-man friendly (i.e. one or two people). The last update they did to it, well, you can’t tell they actually did anything. C’mon SE!

Anyway, that’s all there is to Bastion. Go try it out. If I’m missing anything in this guide come let me know and I’ll add/update it. 🙂


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