Bastion.. Round 2

So SE claims that they have made some “adjustments” to Bastion. I decided to go check it out and see. I spent most of my time in Vunkerl though I did drop by Misareaux once when the Iron Giant got pulled into the Vunkerl lobby-esque area and we could no longer continue there. With that in mind..

I’ve got to be honest with you, I saw absolutely no change. The first thing I did, naturally, was Ward Warden. My buddy Smz did it also. First battle started and we noticed that SE didn’t change anything to do with how much WW boosts the martello or clone wards.

A blob of monsters rolled in (so SE didn’t change that) and destroyed the clone wards in a few seconds flat. The NPCs made a valiant effort to keep the monsters as close to the martello as possible by blasting them with high level spells (so SE didn’t change that either). The monsters unleashed a wave of AoEs and that was that. The battle ended and I think I got maybe 2k out of it. The martello respawned with the usual 3% life (no change there) making the Ward Warden efforts pointless.

In other words, if SE actually changed any aspect of Bastion it isn’t obvious what it is. The event still relies heavily on getting people to do the resistance operations which are still one-an-hr. Getting people to do any of the ops is like pulling teeth even when it only takes 30 seconds of their time (at least in Vunkerl since there’s a conflux right next to the boxes you use for WW).

I am extremely disappointed. I really like doing Bastion. With as limited amount of playing time as I have, especially while I’m recovering from my illness, Bastion is perfect. Pop in, do some quick battles, pop out. But when no one does the event and no one does the operations to boost the martello, then it’s a totally pointless and time-wasting event that will get you nowhere.

SE dropped the ball. Let’s hope come March they might give it another shot.


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