So it’s been a bit of time since the December Version Update has come and if you’ve come to this blog looking for my take on it you’ll find that it’s, obviously, not here. I hate to say it but I’ve been battling a serious case of pneumonia and have been out of commission for almost two full weeks now. As such, I haven’t loaded FFXI even once. It will probably be a few more days yet before I’m back to a strength where I feel I can actually try to play the game.

My first order of business will be genkai and then I will go hit Bastion and see what’s up with that. And I might try to add some of the new monsters to the Infobar Database. It’d be a great help if someone out there had a list of all the non-Abyssea monsters that they added but if not, I’ll figure something out.

Until then..


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