So my LS mates convinced me to buy the second Abyssea expansion. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted it or not but I figured if it was anywhere near as much fun as the first one (with getting so much xp) then it’d be worth it. Plus, what the heck? New areas to explore and a whole new event to try out: Bastion.

At first my LS friends just wanted me to come help with getting some AF 3 but we only ever saw the PUP legs drop (bummer).  I ended up having a ton of stones left over (something like 50) so I decided to go try out Bastion with Smz.

Bastion is absolutely nothing like what I really expected.  It turns out to be a hyper speed version of besieged in which battles only last 3 minutes at most (but usually last 30 seconds or less).  This blew my mind.  Our first battle in Vunkerl we didn’t really know where to go so we grabbed the pennant and decided to go towards the direction of the incoming wave.  They zoomed by us like we weren’t even moving and we tried to follow.  By the time we made it back to the martello the battle was over and we received 300 xp for doing nothing but running back.  Confused we decided to wait for a second battle and see what was going on.  Unfortunately the battle there didn’t really start again so an LS mate told us to go to Attohwa Chasm as he had received nearly 10k xp in 10 minutes there.  Cool, right?

We used the maw and entered Attohwa.  10 seconds later I was dead.  Ironclad Executioner had been pulled into the basic “lobby” area and was one-shotting most people and basically causing so much destruction.  I really didn’t even know what had hit me until it was too late.  Smz died pretty quickly after as well, despite his best efforts to click on the maw and escape.  After waiting two minutes for someone to decide to be brave enough to pull it away from the lobby and die on the outside of that magical line barrier thing, we raised and got vistant status.  A quick warp over and we decided to try a resistance op while waiting for a battle.

I must stress that I absolutely hate this zone.  Seriously.  Between the miasma, the poison plants (though they don’t activate in Abyssea it seems), the tons of DEATH waiting around every corner and the basic confusing map, it is without a doubt the most frustrating zone to me.

Anyway, first battle there we got attacked by four or five chariots that decided to AoE spam us to death.  We both died in seconds and didn’t receive any XP.  This made us both pretty POed and made us wonder if it was even worth doing Bastion at all.  After weakness wore we decided to give it one more battle to see.  Thankfully this time it went a little better and I got around 2300 or so xp for about 30 seconds work.  We tried the last zone too, Misareaux Coast, but by this point it was late and I was exhausted.  Battles weren’t lasting more than a few seconds and xp was pretty varied (anywhere from 300 to 3000 a battle).

That’s when I decided to try to do some research about this event and find out why things were the way they were.  It turns out that doing the resistance operations makes a huge impact on everything related to Bastion.  Doing a successful Ward Warden I (with the squeaking at the seams bag) will raise the clone wards’ HP by 10% and the martello by 5%.  Doing Crimson Carpet will boost a trap’s effectiveness.  Desert Rain I, which is basically the same quest as Ward Warden, will help out the NPCs.

I’ve seen people whining and complaining that battles there are always failures (at least on Quetz) and that they’re too short.  It seems as though one hit will take out the martello and it’s over and the monsters make a mad B-line straight for it.  Well, the reason is because no one is doing the operations.  If one Ward Warden I will raise the martello’s life by 5%, it’ll only take 20 people doing that op to max it back up to 100% (and 10 people to max out the clone wards).  If more people do the traps operations then the monsters will be paralyzed and/or slowed (depends on which trap I believe).   The NPC also says that the more times you defend against the incoming waves the more frequent the monsters will attack and the harder they will become (I’m guessing that means more members per wave, and/or more “bosses” per wave).  If you keep losing the battles will take longer to start.

People also need to stop treating this like they do with campaign.  It would figure that the one event where it’s actually beneficial to try and stop the mobs away from the martello is the one event in which people chill at it.  In campaign it seems to be the complete opposite; I’ve seen people run to the freakin zone line where the mobs actually spawn to begin their march for the forts instead of waiting there. I also find it a little ironic that the one event where it would actually be better for people to pull mobs away from the martello and hold them away from it is the one where they’ve fixed the AI so that they can’t really do that (they lose interest and start going for the martello after a few seconds unless people do massive hate spikes it seems).  They really should have just done that to the campaign mobs so people can’t drag a mob off to the edge of limbo to hold it for an hour.

To really try and sum this up a little bit: Bastion will be awesome xp for what little time you need to put into it (I can foresee upwards of 60k/hr in the future) but it’s going to require a little bit of work on the players’ part.  Everyone who’s interested in doing Bastion needs to do the one op a vana day (I’d recommend Ward Warden just because it will keep the martellos at better life).  It honestly does not take that long (in Vunkerl there’s a conflux right by the boxes; it can take less than 2 minutes to do the op) and will make it so the event is worth doing.

However, I’m willing to bet money that people will not be interested in pulling their weight with the ops.  They’re willing to just get 2k xp every 10 minutes because the mobs will take forever to come and one look at the martello will destroy it and end the battle.  Such is the life in Vana’diel..


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  1. Falmion
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 21:52:00

    Although I do see where you are coming from I would have to disagree. I for one would definitive do they op runs every day if it includes perks such as a 80%/hr difference in exp; and I know what your thinking.. “Yeah, that’s one out of how many on your server?” but put into consideration that if say 10 people do it and pwn the shit out of exp and say something, and the next person exc. there would be an impact on peoples outlook. I’m just saying that I am going to reap the most benefits out of “bastion” that I possibly can and if others new about the large decrease in benefit (due too laziness) then they would do their part; or just be morons and suck 2k a battle. but, that’s just what I think.


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