RNG Grinding

I’ve been grinding my ranger again, finally, alongside Smz’s red mage. It was going pretty good for the first few nights but now it’s slowing down due to the fact that there’s less safe worms to xp on. The only worms that are really worth it at this level (36) are the desert worms that the image above was taken killing (I was around level 34 when that picture was taken). The problem with those is that they’re a night-time only spawn and there’s usually nasty Anticans around that like to spoil the party.

But getting that much xp on worms is pretty nice. There’s very, very little risk of dying from the worms themselves. It’s just everything else around that I have to be worried about.

We’ve tried the worms in Attohwa Chasm but due to the terrain it makes it so you have to be standing almost right next to them in order for ranged attacks to work.  This kind of defeats the whole purpose of being able to stay just on the edge of battle so you can run back to avoid spells.  The worms there are also too close together and they link.  Normally they like to mess up your day by having one cast stonega and the other cast stone II.  Nothing like losing shadows and getting slammed with a stone II back to back.

So the hunt will continue for a decent place to grind.


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