Holy EXP Batman!

Holy mother of all that is sacred in Vana’diel!

I went into Abyssea for the first time last night.  I had bought the expansion sometime last month but just never found time to actually do anything more than go in and turn in stones to build up my time.  Boy am I surprised!

I was there for only four hours.  Everyone in the alliance I was in was really nice and helpful (and really helped to clear the bad taste of a lot of previous experiences with bad parties).  But the real shock was just how much exp you can earn in there.  I had heard you could earn quite a bit, but I never thought that I would ever be getting 41,000 xp an hour.  I mean, holy crap.

As a result, after four hours I went from 10,000 xp into level 81 to being almost 10,000 exp over level 85.  I am still completely flabbergasted that I’m a level 85 already.  I can’t wait til I can get another chance to go back and start capping a lot of things on merits and possibly skilling up some more.

Having experienced Abyssea for myself I still have to question SE as to why they have not unnerfed the campaign forts.  Obviously they don’t care if people can get 40,000 xp/hr and lord knows that campaign is absolutely nowhere near that fast.  Ah well.  I hope they will because campaign is dying and I have a feeling beastmen will be ruling the world soon.


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