Update! Level 85 Obtainable

So the mighty update has come and I’ve managed to get it downloaded.  Now it’s time for some of my thoughts.

First off, it’s about time that the game can remember which spells you’ve set after you’ve switched jobs.  And { congratulations } to the BLUs out there.  New spells are always fun (especially when they can be used to create light skillchains).  Corsairs got the ability to cast haste-ga but I don’t know how useful it is/will be (my COR is only level 60).  Ninja got some more lolninjustsu (what they’ve always wanted, right?).

I guess I really don’t really have a whole lot to say on the whole job updates because my main is samurai.  As you can see, we get nothing this time around.  And I know a ton of people always whine and complain that samurai is overpowered, and perhaps that’s true to an extent, but I could really make that same argument for BLU.  I’ve seen BLUs do 2000+ damage every two minutes (burst+chain affinities + savage blade + disseverment) and that’s not including all the other damage they can do inbetween that time frame.  Yet SE continues to pile on more and more great things for them.

The last thing samurai got was Skillchain Bonus at level 78 (a whopping 8% more damage? You mean if I do 1000 damage I’ll do 1080 now? I’M SO EXCITED!) and Sengikori which adds 25% damage.  I suppose the latter is okay, but I was really hoping for something a little better.  But ah well, what can you do?  At least SAM is pretty good to start with.

Anyway, I really didn’t want to whine about SAM not getting anything, honestly.  Instead I’d really rather question what SE is thinking.  If anyone out there has an explanation to me, please feel free to comment because I am honestly confused.  Campaign was nerfed a number of updates ago because people were whining that it was too easy to get xp while idling.  Remember when bards could just sing and turn in tags every 15 minutes or so and get lots of xp?  How about when we used to be able to beat on walls and get more than 5 xp for it?  The message at that time was that SE does NOT want its player base getting lots of easy xp.  But then they’ve introduced Abyssea.  From what I’ve heard, xp can be upwards of 600 per kill.  I’ve even heard of people going idle/afk for long periods of time.  Essentially with enough time extension chests, these people are getting bookoos amounts of xp–way more than anything they could ever get beating on walls before the nerf.  But even ignoring the idle people, SE seems to be saying it’s okay for people to get lots of xp now (unnerf the forts then, SE!).

This leads me to the next genkai.  The last genkai was super easy (if not annoying for me since I didn’t have the merit points built up and campaign was awful for a month due to everyone killing things too fast but that was my own fault, not SE’s).  This time around they’ve decided to make it 5 Kindred’s Crests–a new item that drops on level 70+ mobs.  Instead of making them an independent item, they share the same slot as the beastmen and kindred seals.  The only reason I can think of them doing this is to add an artificial time sink to prevent people from reaching level 85 as fast as people reached level 80 in the last update.  So now is SE saying it’s not okay to be getting so much xp to reach the levels in such a short period of time?   I don’t really know.  It seems like a conflicting message to me.  And if the intent of this genkai was to really slow the progress down, it’s failed.  There’s already hundreds of level 85’s on Quetz and I’m sure on every other server as well.  All this seems to do is slow down the more casual players.

As the casual player that I am, and I admit I am, getting these seals has been a nightmare.  On the night of the patch-day I logged in with my friend Smz and we decided to try to get a few of the crests for ourselves.  The only spot I could think of at the time (again, it was late night) was the Tree.  We headed out there and found it completely full of people and almost completely void of mobs.  After an hour we managed to get exactly one Kindred’s Crest.  That’s when I realized that this was a horrible time sink just to bottleneck people.  Today I decided to get together with an LS mate who also needed some.  We tried Bibiki Bay and spent a little over two hours there.  Two crests total.  That’s when I started to become frustrated and decided to read more about these things.

Tonight I have tested in North Gustaberg [s] on goblins and it seems that the wiki is right on this subject: the crests and both seals are limited in how many you can get in a time period per party.  It seems to be five minutes.  In other words, if a party kills a monster (a goblin in this case) and it drops either a beastman seal, a kindred seal, or a kindred’s crest, the party that kills said goblin will be unable to receive any of those three for five minutes.  So the party can kill 10000 other mobs during that time and they will not drop another one.   However, if the party is in an alliance with one other party, it’s possible to get two per five minutes.  A full alliance should be able to get three per five minutes.  This obviously doesn’t mean that on exactly five minutes you, or the party, will receive a crest.  It’s still a random chance per kill.

If you’re doing this solo and you’re having a hard time killing the mobs it means that you can kill until you get one of the three and then go sit out for five minutes (or go build TP on weaker mobs) then come back and try again.  You can avoid unnecessary life-or-death epic battles.

Of course this information could be wrong but after having spent most of today trying to get these crests, I can honestly say it seems right.

Alright, I guess I should stop here for now.  I’ll come post again when I hit 81 (if I don’t get distracted and forget).


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