Level 81! Woohoo! Also, Trials.

I managed to get the final Kindred’s Crest and turn them in.  Now begins the long grind to 85.

Perhaps it’s pure coincidence, but four of my five crests came from beastmen (goblins to be exact).  I don’t know if they have a slightly better chance of dropping the things or what, but if you’re having problems I’d recommend perhaps trying them (as mentioned in the last post, mine were from North Gusta [s]).

And now for something completely different.  I’ve decided to pick up a Keitonotachi and start a Magian Trial.  I’m a little upset with the fact that I paid 1 million gil for a hagun (which, for me, took months and months of saving) only for it to be declared (mostly) worthless after the last update.  If only I had known.  I could have picked one up for 100k and spent the rest of the gil trying to get the rest of my equipment in shape.  I’m not going to say that the hagun is terrible–in fact, it’s helped me quite a bit–but it’s definitely not the king of the great katanas any more.

I figured I’d try to go for the Keitonotachi+1 to replace it.  The Store TP+10 will help me out a lot and the higher overall damage should do just as much as the hagun, if not a little more.

As it stands I just finished trial #1595.  I still have a long way to go.


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